Motion Capture with Wreck-It Ralph #DisneyOzEvent #WreckItRalph


While I was visiting Los Angeles, I had the honor of visiting the Disney Animation Studio to learn more about Wreck-It Ralph and how it was created.  As far as animated movies go, Wreck-It Ralph is my absolute favorite, but I have a whole new level of respect for the film after seeing the work put in to create it.

My tour covered everything from digital downloads to how to use rigs to the stages of character development.  It was jaw-dropping to hear thought processes and the amount of work that goes into figuring out everything down to the type and color of shirt a character will wear.

Although the entire tour was incredible, I must admit my favorite part was learning how the motion capture cameras are used.  I mean, I just figured it was an animated film, so everything was done through..animation.  It isn’t!  They use actual cameras to create these awesome animated films!  Who knew?!?!

Using motion capture technology is important because it gives you a more realistic feel while you are watching the movie.  If the scene is a person running, for example, it looks flat if the screen is just steady.  By adding a little bounce with the motion capture camera, the scene all of a sudden comes to life.

The room used for motion capture is actually very simple looking.  The floor has a perimeter around it with colored cones.  A camera that is able to turn and twist is inside of the perimeter.  Using a computer they can scale the size they need the camera to capture, whether it be a small room or a full sized city.  Each wall has a flat screen monitor that allows the cameraman to see what the camera will be shooting.

I created a video of Ralph running through Hero’s Duty.  Check it out below to see what it looks like when I make the camera move and turn.

As you can clearly see from this video, I’m not an expert.  I think I have found my calling and am just waiting for the phone call so I can start working on the next big hit!  Ha! I think I have the skills to make a scene as good as this one from Wreck-It Ralph…

Okay, so maybe not THAT good, but I’m well on the right track to get there….maybe….okay, not really, but it was fun.  Maybe one day…or not, but I can dream.

Stay tuned for even more behind-the-scenes footage from my tour!  


Wreck-It Ralph is available for instant digital download and will be available on DVD on March 5, 2013! 


Disclosure: I was provided an all-expenses paid trip by Disney to attend the #DisneyOzEvent.  All opinions expressed are 100% my own.  


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