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A while back I was asked if I wanted to make the drive out just outside of Albuquerque to the old Rio Puerco bridge for a photoshoot.  I didn’t have any good photos and thought it was a great opportunity to get a good shot or two for my site.  I had no idea what I was in for.  Leah of Destination Photography wanted to do a sunset photo shoot on the bridge…….I thought it was was a unique idea and so off we went!

She met me over there with her camera in hand and we took photos for a while.  It was just pose take a photo, pose take a photo.  It was spin, walk around, have fun, be serious, be silly, laughing, run your fingers through your hair.  I felt like I was a real model.  It was amazing.  There weren’t just a few photos to taken, there were over 100!

Check out some of my favorite shots:

DSC_0454-5  DSC_0444-1 DSC_0431-6 DSC_0401-2 DSC_0404-5 DSC_0421-1 DSC_0423-3 DSC_0391-1 DSC_0541-5 DSC_0521-5 DSC_0508-1 DSC_0476-5 DSC_0457-8 DSC_0472-1

Pretty awesome, right?!?!  I have never had photos taken that I liked as much as Leah’s!  It was so much fun and I had SO MANY photos to choose from.  There were a lot that were the same pose, but there were little differences, my hair a little different, my smile a little different.  Leah said she always takes multiples of what you *think* are the same while you’re taking them, but when you see them on the computer, you can find slight differences and will like one more than another.


One of my photos was even used in the new Glamour sister magazine, Glam Belleza Latina!  It is a quarterly magazine that focuses on Latina beauty tips!  If you see it in stores, pick one up and check out page 88!  They will be on shelves very soon!

Destination Photography does so many different types of photos, including weddings, newborns, family, engagement, seniors and solo sessions (that’s what I had done).  You don’t have to worry about being camera shy because Leah can walk you through it all and make you completely comfortable.  She has a great eye when it comes to her pictures and she knows which angles to get the best photos.  Shoot, some of mine she was laying down in the dirt and everything…she isn’t scared to get a good pic!  There are a lot of photographers out there, I know, they are all over my Facebook, but Leah is different.  She has the eye.  Her pictures are always amazing.  If you want to see some other types of photos (besides just me) visit the Destination Photography website.

Wanna win? 

Leah wants to give TWO lucky Thrifty Ninja winners an awesome prize.  Open to all US residents, you can win a $100 Snapfish gift certificate.  If you are local (in the Bernalillo County area) you can win a *free* photo shoot (worth $125)!!!  You can enter to win below.  You must complete the entry form below to win either, the option for locals in on the form, please ensure you complete that for your chance to win a photo session!!   If you are local, enter to win below and print out this coupon!!!



  1. london ingoglia says

    UPDATE: This photographer never honored her photo shoot. I gave her plenty of time and opportunity to do the right thing. I would not recommend her at all. Very disappointing.

    • Destination Photography says

      In the past 7 years that I’ve had my business, I have turned away 3 potential clients. As you can tell by the photos I have taken in the past, I do not discriminate against based on race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, or national origin. However, if you have taken photos with me, you know that my work is done in a very personal, candid, very 1-on-1, intimate setting. (Not like the portrait studio in the store!) I take pride in my work and the relationships I have built with my clients. If you were one of the 3 clients I turned down in the past 7 years, it is only because I have a strong desire to please my clients and have a pleasant photographer/client relationship with them. If I didn’t feel things we’re going in that direction, I chose to “opt-out” from taking your photos. Much like the “no shirt, no shoes, no service” policy. The beautiful thing about America is, you have the right to do the same. If you don’t like my style, my prices, my service, ect. ect. – You have every right to chose another photographer. In closing, thank you again Amber for running this contest, but unfortunately I had to choose another winner.

    • says

      Honestly, I normally handle all the back and forth and ensuring prizes are awarded to the winners. Unfortunately this time I was not able to do that since it was setting up a day/time for the photo shoot. I know both of you personally, almost for as long as each other and am so confused on what as happened. I now know going forward to at least be copied on the emails. :( I feel horrible about the entire thing….I am sorry.

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