Fairy Hobmother paid me a visit!

photo credit: scottwills via photopin cc

photo credit: scottwills via photopin cc

Fairies are fun….fairies that bring gifts are EVEN BETTER!

You’d imagine my surprise when this morning I had a visit from the Fairy Hobmother with a fun Amazon gift for me!

Have you heard of the Fairy Hobmother before?  Let me tell you what he does….

So, he visits random bloggers, normally people who have commented on posts about him (LIKE THIS ONE) and gives them a gift, normally an Amazon gift card, although I’ve heard rumors there have been other gifts, but I love me some Amazon, so I’m good with it!

He loves seeing bloggers that work hard and show dedication to their sites, so he rewards them.  Cool, right?!

Want a visit from the Fairy Hobmother? 

Leave me a comment below with your wish, a link to your blog and your email (so he could contact you if he picks you).  You just might get a visit and a pleasant surprise like I had this morning!



  1. says

    What a cute idea! It reminds me there are nice people out there. Also, it reminds me of the Secret Elf that frequents one of the work at home boards I’m a part of during the winter to sprinkle a little Christmas magic on those who need it.

    As for a wish, mine is to finally be able to move and get my kids to a safe, more stable place where I don’t have to worry so much and I’m less stressed. If anyone can send good vibes my way and make it so my boyfriend gets the phone call that makes it so we can move, it would be greatly appreciated. My kids and I have been waiting long enough. We need some good news for a change and no more bad for awhile.

    My site is http://frugalmaine.com and the email is frugalmaine@gmail.com.

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