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It was only about a month ago that I was dress shopping for my trip to Los Angeles.  It was so frustrating driving around all over and not finding exactly what I wanted.  I wasted so much time and gas just trying to find the perfect dress…which I never found and went with a dress I “liked” but didn’t “love”.

I tried to look online at dresses but got a little lost and wasn’t sure where to turn.  I recently found MissesDressy and wish I would have found it prior to my trip!  There are so many beautiful dresses to choose from.  You can see the complete MissesDressy Prom Dress Collection for yourself.  I love them!


I love that you can search by color.  I wanted a red/maroon dress so badly for this event.  I thought it would be perfect for several reasons, a) Theodora wears red and b) I look good in maroon.  :)  I couldn’t find anything locally that was a good fit.  I was driving across town just to find stores that didn’t have any red in stock at all.
I don’t know when my next event will be and when I’ll need a fancy dress, but I’m sure I won’t be driving around town trying to find a dress that doesn’t even exist.  There are so many gorgeous dresses available at MissyDressy that I won’t need to look any further.  (Doesn’t this dress to the left remind you of The Little Mermaid?!?!)

Check them out, let me know what you think.  Prom is right around the corner, will you be helping anyone pick out a dress?  What dress would you pick for your next event?


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