House hunting is stressful

Recently we realized it was about time our lease was up.  We are at that point where we needed to decide, do we stay here to save from having to move again or do we find a new home.  Although I hate moving, I think I’m done with this house.  We live just outside of Albuquerque and far from everything.  The closest grocery store is 20 minutes away….and it’s Walmart and I would rather have a Smiths or Albertson’s closer, but those are about 25-30 minutes away.  Crazy, right?!

We moved into Rio Rancho because we thought the school district was better than Albuquerque.  After many years and several schools later, we found it really doesn’t matter the district, but the teachers themselves.  Sometimes you have a really awesome teacher and sometimes you have a horrible one.  That makes all the difference in how well your child does and what they learn.

We decided it was time to move back to Albuquerque, and about 30 minutes closer to the world.  We reached out to a realtor friend we have known for years and the chaos began.  He had someone call us last Monday to talk about getting qualified.  By Friday evening we knew we were approved all the way through underwriting (she wanted to really be sure we were good to go) and were ready to start looking at houses.

Saturday we started our in-person house hunt.  I realized that there are things in different areas you worry about that others might think are silly……

We need a gas stove so I can heat tortillas.  

That was one thing that when I thought about made me giggle, but it’s so true.  You can’t heat a tortilla on an electric stove.

We looked at several houses and fell in love.  It was more than we had originally thought about spending, however we love the house.  So we put in an offer and now wait and see how the financing will like this greater amount.

I’ve been sick to my stomach all weekend and last night couldn’t sleep.  Keep us in your thoughts, prayers, whatever else today as we wait to hear back.

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