How to put your hair in a Sock Bun



The weather is getting warmer and I’m ready to start wearing my hair up and away from my face.  I had seen these cute buns all over the place and really loved the, but wasn’t sure how they were being done.  A friend of mine from Fit Latina was talking about how great the Sock Bun is.  I finally knew what it was called, so I started to research.  I found out it was SO easy to do.  It is my new go-to hair style!  From the picture above you can tell it also works great on my daughter!

I created an easy to follow video to show you step-by-step how to get this hairstyle.

If it’s easier to read instructions, here goes:

  1. Start with second-day hair.  It works better if you hair isn’t completely clean and slick.  If it is, add some hairspray or something.  
  2. Put your hair in a high pony tail.
  3. Take a sock and cut off the closed toe portion.  Roll up the sock so it forms a donut shape.
  4. Pull your hair through the donut shape and tuck the ends of your hair around the sock.
  5. Roll your sock, tucking your hair as you go.  Keep going until you reach the top of your pony.
  6. If your hair is like mine you don’t need to do anything else.  If your hair is a little slicker, you may need to put in a bobby pin or two.


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    You can try a hair donut instead of a sock! has hair donuts in different sizes so you can get the perfect bun everytime!

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