Midnight Velvet | Review

IMG_1474When I was headed out to California for the #DisneyOzEvent, I knew I needed some cute clothes to take with me.  We weren’t just walking the red carpet, we were also touring the animation studios and the next day interviewing the cast.  Eek!  That calls for cute shoes!

Since it wasn’t quite spring at that point, I wanted cute boots….so I searched the Midnight Velvet site and found the incredibly adorable Saucy Boot in Camel.  I knew I had to have them.  I just kept staring at the screen.  They were talking to me.  They are available in brown as well, but I’m glad I went with the Camel, they go with so much!


I paired the boots with Bongo skinny jeans and a top from True Freedom.  My outfit was complete..fun, and really comfy.  I was worried wearing boots with a small (3.5 inch) heel to do all that walking, but they were actually really comfy for the whole day.


Saucy Boots on the Yellow Brick Road

What I loved: 

The boots look super cute.  When the box from Midnight Velvet arrived, I found they were Dolce by Mojo Moxy….and you all should know, if you didn’t already that Mojo Moxy shoes are my favorite!  No wonder I loved them the second I saw them!  The leather is really soft and just feels like high quality.


What I didn’t love: 

They are a little tough to get on and off.  I wish there was a zipper to get them on and off.  On more than one occasion I’ve had to ask my husband to help me pull them off.  They feel great on but are a little difficult to slide out of .

Image Credit: Midnight Velvet

Image Credit: Midnight Velvet

I did also order this Shirred Knit top, in turquoise.  I got it in a small, and was really excited to wear it with my boots because I thought it was so cute….but it was too big, or I’m too small.  It’s so difficult to find clothes that fit, unless I’m buying them in the juniors section (which I what I did for the outfit at the top).  It feels great and would look great if I took it in a bit…which I might do here soon, because I do love the top.

See what else they have: 

Midnight Velvet has so much available (even AWESOME stuff for the home..which I’ll be shopping soon for my new house) on their website, you can also follow them on Facebook and Twitter for new products and specials!




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