Rubbermaid Reveal Spray Mop

We’ve moved into our new home and have quite a bit of tile to keep clean!  Luckily Rubbermaid sent me a Reveal Spray Mop (although I’ve bought several myself) to keep my floors nice and clean!  I hate always having to pull out the big mop and wait for a long time for the floor to be dry.  If I just need a quick touch up, the Rubbermaid Reveal Spray Mop is perfect.

I’ve been using this since the last model was out.  I LOVE it.  I wanted a spray mop that was easy to use and loved that I could refill the bottle and wash the pads.  It makes this mop so much more affordable than most of the competitors.  I used my first mop for nearly a year before my kids finally broke it (although if you ask them, they didn’t touch it).  I was so upset when I went to use it one day and it broke apart.  I had to get a new one.


What I love:

The new Rubbermaid Reveal Spray Mop has several features the original did not.  It still has the same 22oz refillable solution bottle, which makes it easy to use your favorite cleaner at the strength you like.  In addition to that, there is now a non-scratch scrubber to let you clean those gross spots on the floor!  I LOVE it.  The neck is also a little different.  It allows you to move either horizontal or vertical, so you can move it to get any little nook and cranny in your kitchen!

I think the washable microfiber pads are the best.  They pick up nearly all the liquid when you spray, so there is very minimal time waiting for a dry floor to walk on.  When I get done cleaning up the floor I just remove the pad and throw it in wash.  You can also buy extra pads so you always have one available.  I had used the same one for over a year and never had a need to buy an extra.

I love that I can make my own solution to fill it with.  I don’t HAVE to use a specific type or smell.  I can use Pinesol if I want, I can use Fabuloso if I’d like.  Shoot, I could use vinegar and water if I wanted….although I wouldn’t because I hate the smell of vinegar, but I’m just saying, I can do what I want!

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  1. says

    I use a broom to sweep up dirt/dust and then mop with an old fashion mop and bucket (ok I cheat on the bucket – we have one like custodians use that wrings it for you!)

  2. Nancy says

    I just moved and have all wood floors for the first time. I have been trying all different kinds of things and have yet to find what I like.

  3. michelle oakley warner says

    crazy but i use a rag and an old swiffer mop and i make my own cleaner that i put on the rag and when the rag is dirty i just use another one , so on and so forth

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