I don’t care if you *think* you’re the boss, I will win | Part 2


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After the therapist showed up, my daughter acted like she had been an angel all week.  Uuumm…no.  I made her explain her fits to therapist and they had to talk about why it wasn’t good and what she should have done instead.

They came into the house and although K said she was NOT going to do her homework because it was too hard, her therapist helped her through it.  There was only about 10 minutes left, so they were going to go outside for a bit and play, but K wanted her brother to go with her.

This is where it gets interesting.

He was sent up to clean his room and the loft.  You see, he’s still in trouble for running away last week and has extra chores and things to do  as part of his punishment.  K didn’t want to hear that and started yelling and crying.  *sigh* At least her therapist is here to see it this time.

After a few minutes she went upstairs and actually helped him finish his chores so he could go play.  Wow!

They played outside for a few minutes and we were talking with the therapist inside about the run away and how the week had gone.  K kept coming inside asking the therapist to hurry and get outside.  When she continued to escalate, the therapist told her that she wouldn’t go outside if she threw a fit.

Here’s where it all went downhill. 

Our son came in, nice and calm, telling us that K threw the ball AT him and he didn’t want to play with her anymore.  Seconds later, K rushes in that he is cheating and a bunch of nonsense that I didn’t even hear because she was yelling so loud.

It all escalated when we asked K to take a time out in her room and she refused.  She was going after R and was going to “punch him in his face”.  Geez.  We ended up restraining her and the therapist got to see us in action dealing with her.  While my husband was holding her arms down at her side, she began to scream “Help, he’s trying to choke me to death!”  Uuummm, we have witnesses that he wasn’t doing anything to try and choke her.  Ugh.  Her cries for help kept on, but changed to different variations, like he’s trying to kill her, he’s hurting her, etc. etc. etc.

Her fit went on for at least half an hour before I called her grandmother who lives near by.  I had her come over to help reinforce the fact that we are on the same team and she will not win, regardless of who she turns to.

She calmed down after talking to her grandma, then apologized for the way she acted.

The best thing that came out of the fit…..

Her therapist saw it all and said we were handling it correctly.  We didn’t engage, we held our ground and there was no other ideas she had for us to try.  I asked her to do a good job of documenting it all because I’m sick of people telling us that it is parenting issues.

and so the saga continues………..


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  1. Viv Sluys says

    What a difficult thing! So wonderful for your response/actions to be affirmed but so tough to have to go through any of that. To see your child act like that when you know it isn’t really her. God bless you all

  2. jennifer says

    May i ask if she has a diagnosis and if so what it is? I also have a daughter lol crazybas it is her name is also Kylee. She is high function autism (not asburgers, her diagnosis is autism disorder) she too has those meltdowns and does the same things. She is very violent when she blows. She has an in home behavioralist and is on disability. I am right there with you on the stress of it all. Unless people aee it you cant explain it and if they arent trained or deal/understand it thwy pass nasty judgements about our parenting skills. Keep up the good work. And remember to breath..lol and laugh alot. I found that laughing is way more helpful then crying 😉

    • says

      Her diagnosis is ADHD and ODD. The meds her dr. has given her are for bipolar disorder, although he has never official told me she is bipolar. The latest psychiatrist said she is a sociopath and manipulates every situation to whatever she wants it to be. She is perfect at school but does this at home. It’s horrible.

  3. shannon newcomb says

    I’m really sorry you and your family are going through this. I just wanted to say that it is very brave of you to put it out there for other families going through similar things. And I hope you can get the support from other families that will help you manage and cope.

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