Protect your child with the Upright Sleeper

*Disclosure: I received the product mentioned to review and share my thoughts.  All opinions expressed are 100% my own.

When I see young children with one of those crazy neck brace pillows (you know the ones in the shape of a “c”) it drives me crazy.  I never used them with my kids.  I’ve never bought them.  I just thought they looked like it would choke them.  I hated seeing their little heads drooping down while they slept in the car, but couldn’t imagine putting something around their neck to keep them upright, they actually make their little heads fall forward!

Then come along a new product that looks like a hammock, attaching to the top of the carseat with Velcro and it held the kid’s head up.  Uuumm…no.  That’s basically strangling my child right there.  Not having it.

While I was being interviewed I met a very nice man by the name of Joseph.  He showed me a product he had invented and it was everything that made sense and everything that these other products should have been.


The Upright Sleeper gently hugs your child’s chin to help keep it in place while you are in the car.  It doesn’t go around the neck and it doesn’t suffocate them.  It just lets the head sit naturally and keep them comfy while they sleep.

Here’s the cooler part of it all:

The straps are connected to a little pouch that is placed behind the child’s back.  The straps go behind the back and Velcro to the front, one size fitting all.  So you position your child in their car seat prior to leaving and get the Upright Sleeper secure by putting the straps behind their back.  Unhook one of the Velcro straps and the pillow will just hang if it doesn’t need to be used.  If they do fall asleep, simply put the Upright Sleeper under their chin and attach the Velcro.  It is made of a memory foam that is super comfy and covered with a microfiber shell.

Here’s why it’s safer than the other types:

If you were to get into a car accident or just slam on your breaks really hard, traditional sleep positioners could choke your child….especially the ones that hook the car (What were they thinking?!?!).  The Upright Sleeper will absorb some of the impact and because it is held by the weight from their back against it, if they move forward, the Upright Sleeper becomes loose, instantly.  It won’t hold the kids back and strangle them as some of the other products on the market could.


I received the child and adult Upright Sleeper to try (I’ll have full video and things soon!) and let me just say thing….my youngest son loves it.  He carried it around for a few days and now keeps it next to him in bed.  He also likes sitting with it on while he plays on his iPod at the house.  My husband tried the Adult Upright Sleeper and immediately fell asleep!  Every time he sees it sitting there he grabs it to try and take a quick nap.  Geez.  Look what I started?!?!?

Where to buy:

You can order the Upright Sleeper via their website or next time you’re in the air, check out the Sky Mall Magazine because you’ll find them in there as well!



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