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photo credit: DOS82 via photopin cc

photo credit: DOS82 via photopin cc

When I was growing up, I had friends whose parents would buy any alcohol we wanted.  We put money together and gave them a list and they would go buy it.  These are the same parents that were out at the bars all night while their house was full of teenagers drinking.

I remember when I was probably 17 or 18 going to a liquor store and just asking a random person if they’d buy a bottle of whatever.  They did it without blinking an eye.  That day I remember running into my older cousin at that store.  He was mad that my friends and I had asked a stranger, not that we were getting alcohol.

These adults were doing a huge injustice to us.  Although they may have thought it was nothing major, so many bad things could have happened.  We weren’t old enough to drink or make proper decisions.

We are lucky that nothing bad happened to us.

We are lucky that no one got hurt.

I didn’t think of it as a huge deal back then, because well, we were teenagers and knew everything.  Even though we thought all the drinks tasted horrid, we drank them anyway.  We mixed them with juices and made jello shots, but really didn’t even care how nasty they tasted.

photo credit: TMAB2003 via photopin cc

photo credit: TMAB2003 via photopin cc

Now that I’m an adult and parent, I see where the problem is.  Those adults shouldn’t have allowed us to drink.  those adults shouldn’t have gone and bought us alcohol when they knew we were barely old enough to drive, let alone drink.

My kids know they aren’t allowed to drink.  They are still young, but this will be a rule throughout their teen years.  If they are caught drinking, they know there will be major consequences.  My husband and I drink very little.  A glass of wine or bottle of beer, but nothing to excess.  The kids know that alcohol is for adults and as they get older and more independent, I will do everything within my power to ensure they realize that drinking during your teen years is a huge mistake.

The New Mexico Department of Transportation has released a really awesome video that let’s you choose what happens in the end with these kids (who are about my kids ages….geez) and a bottle of alcohol.  Check it out:

After you watch it, come back and let me know what you thought.  Which ending would your kids have chosen?  If you were the uncle, would you have handled it the same way?

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