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This is our first summer in a new house and it is a lot different than we’ve had in the past.  There are always a lot of kids around.  On our little block of the street there are 12 kids (including ours) and several kids around the corner.  It seems that I always have kids coming and going from our house now that they are out of school and bored.  My kids always want their friends to come over, so I’m always looking for quick and easy snacks to keep them going.  It seems that chicken is always a winner with kids, so I like to try different ways to make it fun.  It’s amazing what changing up the dipping sauces for chicken can do to change the flavors and give something fun to eat!  tysonchickenfriesI knew it was time to stock my fridge before the weekend comes because even more kids are around then.  My daughter and I headed to Sam’s Club to pick up some Tyson Homestyle Chicken Fries and other snack foods.  You can see that full shopping trip by visiting my Google+ photo album!

When I got home, I started the oven preheating right away.  I finished bringing in the groceries while it heated up.  Once it was warm, I threw one of the bags of Chicken Fries (there are TWO individual bags inside the bigger bag I bought at Sam’s Club) on a cookie sheet and let them start cooking while I put food in the fridge.  It didn’t take long and lunch was ready.  I served Tyson Homestyle Chicken Fries, carrots and strawberries.  For dipping sauces I served ranch, BBQ sauce and my special Ninja Ketchup blend:

Ninja Ketchup

  • Ketchup
  • Brown Sugar

In a small sauce plan mix ketchup and brown sugar over low heat.  I will be perfectly honest and tell you I have no idea how much brown sugar to use because I just keep tasting it until it tastes right.  The brown sugar gives a really yummy sweet taste.

Kids Eating Tyson Chicken Fries for lunch #ChickenFryTime #Cbias

Kids Eating Tyson Chicken Fries for lunch #ChickenFryTime #Cbias

Kids Eating Tyson Chicken Fries for lunch #ChickenFryTime #Cbias

The kids loved lunch and ate seconds.  We hadn’t had Chicken Fries before but they are so convenient!  They are easy to dip, easy to hold and they taste so good!  I love when I can serve them something that is quick, easy, delicious and gives them energy to keep going through the afternoon.  I would say it’s pool time…but look what happened to our pool yesterday:


It was about 112 degrees yesterday and our pool sits directly in the sun.  I guess it was too hot for the plastic to handle and all the water came rushing out.  The pool is still in tact, but almost empty.  I think that’s a sign our backyard just needs to be landscaped and we should forget about the pool!

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