Cowboy bootcamp #LoneRanger

Lone_first_imageI always wonder how some actors are able to get SO into character.  Think about The Lone Ranger.  I mean, it’s not like we do things the same way that they did back when the movie takes place.  How would they know exactly how to act like they were really in that time?  I sure wouldn’t know how to pretend I was living in that time.

The newest on-the-set featurette shows actor Armie Hammer during Cowboy Camp where he learned how to lasso, shoot and ride horses.  They really do learn everything a cowboy would have done….that’s pretty cool!  Check it out:

It sounds like fun to me!  I’d love to go try it out….for a day….then I’d be happy to come back to reality.  I don’t think I could live back in the old west…although I think there is something pretty hot seeing those men doing all that cowboy stuff…maybe living back then wouldn’t be all THAT bad.  😉

By the way…have I told you how excited I am that The Lone Ranger is coming to theaters July 3, 2013!!!!!!!!  I just wish I could have visited them when they were filming here in New Mexico.  Talk about a missed opportunity!  Johnny Depp and Armie Hammer and I missed them both!  I didn’t even run into them at any restaurants or anything.  Darn it.  I guess I’ll just have to wait and see them on the big screen along with everyone else.


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