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Disclosure: I’m a member of the Lowe’s Creative Ideas Creators and Influencers network. I was given a Lowe’s gift card to complete this project for an organization challenge. All opinions and ideas expressed are 100% my own.

Moving into a new home, we have so much to do.  I had no idea how much work being a home owner was.  We bought a brand new house, our backyard was not landscaped….at all.  It is dirt.  This isn’t dirt that most of you would be used to…this is very fine sand.  It is very unlevel as well.  That is a whole issue in itself.  We are tackling it one step at a time.  We’ve drawn it out and are going to do one area at a time until it’s done.


Our first step was the fire pit area.  The fire pit is simple.  I bought one at Lowe’s for $59!!  Super awesome deal and it’s going to get used SO.MUCH.  We had thought about doing an in-ground pit, but decided above ground would be better in case we ever wanted to move it or decided we really didn’t like where we had it set up.  This was perfect.

I wanted to have seating around the fire pit.  We have a family of five and friends that like to come over and need places for sitting outside and around the pit.  I decided it was time to put the huge stack of pallets I had acquired to use and create some benches.

benchLet me start off by saying that we have never built anything before.  We are not master carpenters and don’t claim to be.  These pallet benches ended up being easy to make and easy to correct mistakes you could make along the way.

Here’s how we did it:

Materials needed: 

  • 3 Pallets of the same dimensions (this is important since you will be stacking them….if you can’t find 3, at least use 2 the same and I’ll show you how to make it work!)
  • Circular Saw
  • Self-drilling screws
  • Drill
  • 1×4 piece of wood
  • 2×4 piece of wood
  • Optional: Paint or stain/varnish

20130611_211926First we cut 3 pallets in half.  This was easy with the circular saw.  My husband measured where the half way point was (which happened to be between slats) and just ran the saw along the path.

20130611_215246One-by-one, stack three of the half pallets on top of each other.  If you ended up with one that is off sized from the other two pallets, use one of the off-sizes as the bottom.  This is where you really want to look at each pallet piece and choose the two that look the best and most even for your seat and back.  The others are inbetween and the flaws can’t be seen as much.

Secure each pallet to the next by screwing them into each other.  This is easier than you think.  The slats are large enough you can use an extension and squeeze the drill in to put int he screws.

20130612_214814The back is created by standing one pallet upright.  Using the drill my husband secured the bench with screws to the base, but we soon realized it wasn’t as sturdy as we’d like.  We took a 2×4 and cut it to fit inside the boards on the pallet, screwing it into place, then using that to attach to the base pallets.

20130613_180418Now is time for the extra support for the sides.  We wanted to be sure the pallets couldn’t come loose or shift, so we took 1×4’s and cut them to fit from the top back corner of the back piece to the front bottom corner of the base piece.  Screw into place.

20130613_183820You’re bench is done!  Use your sander to go over all the outside areas.  This did take a little bit of time because the pallets were pretty warn, but wow, they were smooth when we were done!

20130615_154043At this point you can either paint it or stain/varnish it.  I went for the paint method. I used 3 cans of Valspar Outdoor Spray Paint and LOVE how it turned out!  I added a few throw pillows from the outdoor furniture section of Lowe’s and how cute is that?!?!


If you make a pallet bench using my method, please share pictures with me!  I love to see finished projects!


 Looking for more ideas?

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  1. says

    Wow, that looks like a professional created it! I love seeing all the pallet-turned-awesome crafts on pinterest but have never had the guts to try them. You made this one look easy enough. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Shari G says

    I love this! Looks cute and super simple! We have a new house and the pile of things we need to do is getting longer and longer with each day in the house. But we are trying to tackle one job at a time.

  3. says

    That is so cute! Near our house, they have a company that often has pallets like that free for the taking. I’m going to show my husband this post to see if he’ll get inspired to do it. :)

  4. says

    I love your pallet project. It looks fantastic. I have a whole bunch of pallets in my front yard but have been unsure what to do with them and this looks like a really good idea. I love your final paint colour choice.

  5. says

    So fun! Thanks for sharing this at our “Best Of The Weekend party”! I have pinned your project to our party board and another big board too. We hope to see you again when the party kicks off Friday eve at 8PM EST.
    Have a great week!

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