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Disclosure: I was compensated to participate in a Sprint Latino research study around Latina Moms and mobile security for their children. All opinions expressed are 100% my own.  



Some days I look at my three kids and think back to when I was their age and it makes me shake my head.  When I was as old as my oldest son, I was out with my friend walking around the neighborhood for hours on end.  We would go to the mall (normally taking the bus across town by ourselves) or hanging out at her house.  We were all over the place and our parents never really questioned us.

Times have changed.

My 12 year old has a cell phone and I’m starting to think my almost 10 year old needs one.  I feel a state of panic when they are away and I can’t get ahold of them.  My daughter goes to her friends house that is a few blocks away and I want a text as soon as she gets there and when she’s on her way back home.  Between my three kids, they have a cell phone, 3 iPod Touches, 2 Tablets, a computer and Xbox Live.  While this does open them up to the world, really…it also gives me a chance to check up on what they are doing and how they are acting to others.

I was asked to participate in a survey, along with a total of 270 Latina moms, regarding cell phone usage and kids.  What’s crazy is of the 270 women, 150 had already bought cell phones for their children and 120 planned on purchasing one soon.  That accounts for almost everyone surveyed.  Times have changed.

Check out the results of this survey with the infographic below:


I’m not going to lie, I was worried getting my son a phone of his own.  Luckily there are plans that are now unlimited and providers are beginning to offer more ways to keep tabs on our kids and their safety.
If you weren’t able to get ahold of your child, wouldn’t it be nice to be able to utilize the GPS to locate them?  (That feature would have been amazing when my son thought it was a good idea to run away and we couldn’t find him for hours!)
Are you worried about them using their phone during school hours?  There are now ways you can limit the use of phones during specific hours, like the school day or late at night when they should be sleeping!  Again, this feature would be GREAT since my son likes to stay up late and browse the web or text with friends!
You can check out more of these types of features by visiting Sprint Guardian!


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