It’s the quality that matters most, linen should last long term

photo credit: ToniVC via photopin cc

photo credit: ToniVC via photopin cc



Being a new home owner, I’ve found that I look at my house a lot differently than I did when I was renting.  I want things that will last long-term.  I want things that will work long-term.  I want my house to LOOK like the magazines.  I know, it’s a long shot, but that is my goal.

I’ve always bought my bedding and linen at discount stores or places like that.  I never thought about long term.  I bought things that I could easily replace because I moved often and never knew what would look good in the next house.

Things have changed.

Now I realize how much money I’ve wasted on replacing linen, I could have had a really nice set and not had to keep changing them out.  You live and learn, right?  How many towels have you bought that got rough and faded the first time you washed them?  I HATE that.  I threw that money away trying to save a few bucks.

I’m now on the hunt for the perfect bedroom set.  The perfect towels.  The perfect everything.  I’m not saying I’m not going to still shop sales and good deals, but I am going to look at nicer stores and websites to find the best quality that I can invest in.

I am LOVING the items that Frette has on sale right now.  The Frette Summer Sale has some really good deals on high quality products that will last for years to come.  It’s time to invest in a really nice duvet that I can change the covers out each season.  This will give me the change I’m used to without spending the money on a whole new set every couple months.

What is one item you have that you wish you would have bought higher quality over affordable price?

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