Stenciled T-shirt Tutorial


How many times have you accidentally splashed some bleach on your shirt and so mad when the little white spots started to show up right away?  Yep, I’ve done that a time or two.  I have also had random stains show up on some of my favorite shirts and thought they were gone forever.  I mean, I can’t wear a shirt with random splashes on it.

I found a good way to repurpose the shirt and create something unique and a lot of fun.  The shirt I created at the top of this page is for the 4th of July, but really these could be created easily for any season or holiday….or every day.  You only need a few items and a short amount of time to get your own personalized, stenciled shirt.

My kids are making these for the 4th of July as well.  Although I won’t have them spraying the bleach (you KNOW that would be a bad idea), they will be helping place stickers and watching me spray.


  • Shirt (you can use an older one or a cheap one from the store)
  • Stickers (I couldn’t find stars so I created my own using contact paper)
  • Bleach
  • Spray Bottle
  • Cardboard or something to put between layers of shirt
  • Newspaper or something to protect area that you use


  1. Place stickers on your shirt where you want your design.  As I said above, I couldn’t find star stencils so I cut stars out using contact paper (I used star cookie cutters for a stencil).  You could use shapes, letters, whatever.  
  2. Place cardboard or something between shirt so the bleach won’t seep through.  I used wax paper because it was too hard to cut a piece of cardboard to fit my tank top.
  3. Protect the area you are going to be spraying on with newspaper or something.  I used some brown paper something or other that was used for packing.  It really doesn’t matter as long as you protect your work area.
  4. Mix your bleach in your spray bottle using 1 part bleach to 1 part water.
  5. Spray your shirt with a mist, covering all areas.  You won’t notice a change immediately…but give it a minute or two and you’ll see it change colors.
  6. Flip the shirt over and spray the back, if you’d like.  I had my design go from the front to the back, so I sprayed it all.
  7. When you see it change to the color you’d like, remove stickers and rinse in cold water.  Throw it in the dryer.
  8. Wear with pride!  The areas where your stickers were should be the original color of the shirt and the rest should be much lighter.


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