Are you irritating your friends on Facebook?


photo credit: Cayusa via photopin cc

photo credit: Cayusa via photopin cc

Lately I’ve been hiding or unfriending more and more people on Facebook.  I keep finding people doing things that irritate me and I just can’t handle watching it on my feed anymore.  My page and timeline should be a happy place for me.  I should feel so irritated with every other post that I want to strangle someone.

There are many things that happen on Facebook that bother me…but some are worse than others.  I’ve hidden quite a few people that spend all their time posting and complaining about politics.  If you don’t like what’s going on, do something about it.  If you are just complaining, that’s all you’re doing and no one will take you serious.

photo credit: woodleywonderworks via photopin cc

photo credit: woodleywonderworks via photopin cc

I asked some friends on Facebook what bothered them about the actions of others on their timelines and here are some of them:

Ellen of Confessions of an Overworked MomUsing 8 million hashtags in their posts.

Kimberley WLiking and sharing those, “Like and share if you don’t want this ugly piglet to die” or whatever the case may be.

Geo SMillions of hash tags and taking credit quotes.  Those who go WAY OVERBOARD on the political rants. Man I have to unfriend some people due to that reason. And the ever so lovely breakup post. One minute they are in love. The next minute they are ready to destroy the world.

Lorenzo MWhat I don’t like are ask the religious things…example…like this page if there’s room for Jesus in your life…i’m catholic..way I see it..doesn’t matter what you put on here God doesn’t have a Facebook.

Rudylee: Add you and never like any of your pics or talk to you even if you try talking to them. no response ever

Kyle K: People (Especially Professionals) who express relationship problems and/or emotional outbursts.

London II don’t like it when I post something on a blog, product FB page or organization even a friends page and someone I don’t know feels like they can formulate an opinion on me by my comment and write something horrible. So because I am asking a question someone jumps in and says how can you buy that when the company supports GMO’s or I won something and post a thank you and someone comments to say they didn’t get something and the company is messed up or if I eat meat I hate animals. STFU already and mind your business. FB gives people a pass card to act like idiots from behind the safety of their laptop, a lot of stuff would NEVER be said to a persons face. Hiding behind a computer does not make you a super hero. What ever happened to the sensitivity chip? I even saw a post using the “N” word? Really? Wow, I am never surprised at all the terrible things I see posted and it makes me so sad. I now BLOCK these people so our FB paths never cross again. I only appreciate comments from people I know and who know me, the rest can just go away unless it’s something worthwhile.

Cyndy LCommenting on any group of people being stupid, ignorant, etc. because they have a different point of view.  Posting every animal that needs to be adopted in a 100 mile radius. Posting about politics, social issues or asking for opinions and then getting pissed off when you get them.  Not sure if this will make sense but posts that are very vague and dramatic

Lisa M: Pictures of half-eaten food are soooo disgusting. Also, when you comment on someone’s post and they act like you’re comment is invisible, yet respond to everyone else’s comments. Also, people who get onto FB and bash their ex >:-/

Sonya of Pargas Junkyard: The fact that game posts should only go to those playing the game! I enjoy my fb games but hate clogging up everyone’s walls with all the “share this” type of posts so only share a few….

Tanya BPics with kids holding signs that say their parents will take them to Disneyland or get a puppy if they get so many likes…

Karen of Practical Frugality: “share and win” contests and people stealing recipes

So there you have it.  There are things that might get you hidden, unfriended or even blocked on some of your friend’s pages.

Is there something on your timeline that irritates you or would cause you to unfriend someone?  

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