DIY Wall Art (Home Decor) #LowesCreator

Disclosure: I’m a member of the Lowe’s Creative Ideas Creators and Influencers network. I was given a Lowe’s gift card to complete this project for a home decorating challenge. All opinions and ideas expressed are 100% my own.


I’ve never been great at picking out art for my walls.  I lose interest in things quickly and always want to change it up.  When Lowe’s challenged me to create an indoor art piece, I was ready for the challenge.  I took my gift card they sent me to the store and walked around to get some inspiration.  I thought about things I already had and what I could do to change them up to make them useful again.

I had bought a painting years ago that I did love…then I got over it.  It was sitting in a closet for the past couple of years and I really didn’t want to put it up at our new house.  I decided it was time to utilize the canvas and make it into something a little more fun.  Meet the DIY Wall Art!  Made with an old painting, Valspar spray paint and Frogtape.   It’s so simple!  Check it out:


  • Old painting
  • Spray Paint in various colors (I used Valspar gloss spraypaints in: Hotel Ivory, Black, Tropical Oasis and Roasted Coffee)
  • Metallic spray paint (I used silver from Valspar)
  • Frogtape
  • Tarp or something to cover work area



Cover your work area so you have a place to put your painting.  You can use any type of painting….you won’t be able to see the print on it….so worry more about the canvas size than the colors of the print.


Using the different colors you have selected, randomly spray paint your canvas.  You can spray lightly to still see the painting in the background or fully cover it, it is totally up to you.  I wanted to be sure I covered my canvas as much as possible with the colors.  Allow it to fully dry before going to the next step.


Here’s the fun part.  Using Frogtape, create a design on your canvas.  I did a little bit of a herringbone design, but really, you could do whatever you wanted.  Be sure there is an even amount of space between each piece of tape (mine isn’t perfect, I just eye balled it, but it is pretty close).


Cover the canvas with your metallic paint.  You want to be sure you have a nice coating (I painted it over twice).  Allow to fully dry.


Remove tape from canvas and admire your gorgeous new home painting.  Find the perfect place to hang it up and admire your new, contemporary art work each day.


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