I bet you thought *your* family was dysfunctional! | #DeliveryManMovie Trailer


No one’s family is perfect…I’ve yet to meet one, any way.  Even the people that *think* their family is perfect is usually hiding something.  If you know you’re family is less-than-perfect, I bet it’s nothing compared to Vince Vaughn’s character, David Wozniak in Disney’s Delivery Man.  

DELIVERY MANDavid is an underachiever.  He doesn’t have a high-paying job and lives paycheck to paycheck (usually less than that).  Years after he had “made a deposit” at a sperm bank, the finds there was a mix up and his sperm was given to a LOT of women.  Not just one or two…but 533, all of which resulted in children.  The children all band together to find out who their biological father is.

Delivery Man takes you on a journey as he realizes how great these “kids” are and how much he can learn from them.

I am happy to be a part of an exclusive 533 bloggers sharing a special trailer with you!  Check it out below:

While I don’t have that many brothers and sisters or cousins (probably close, but not quite THAT many), all families have their dysfunctions.

If you focus on the bad, you’ll never see the positive.  You’ll never see the good within your family.  You’ll never see the love for one another.  You’ll never learn from one another and grow.  That is what a family is about.

You will have to check out Delivery Man in theaters November 22, 2013!!!




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