Wiggle and squirm, it’s okay, you won’t leak! #HuggiesSureFit

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What is worse than holding your baby and feeling something wet on your shirt?  Yeah, it’s happened to the best of us.  Worse yet?  Smelling something bad and realizing there has been a leak out of the back of their diaper.

Does it really get any worse than that?  

I don’t think it does.  I’ve had that happen enough times to realize the importance of a good, quality diaper.  I’ve gone the route of the cheap, random-branded diapers and found that they aren’t worth the stress of messes and leaks.


Recently, I was asked to try the new Huggies SureFit Design and see how it would hold up. I was excited to see how they would work out.

Here’s what I loved about them: 

  • The SureFit design waistband did a great job of fitting her snug without being too tight.  She was comfortable without the worry about leakage.  
  • The extra material around her chubby little legs held everything in, even overnight!  They are supposed to hold up for at least 12 hours!
  • Bonus points for having adorable Mickey pictures on each diaper!
  • Regardless of how much she wiggled and turned, the diapers held up strong!
  • The outer cover is super soft, like cloth.  It isn’t as bulky as some of the other diapers I’ve tried.
  • The pad inside is flexible, and don’t let it’s thin appearance fool you, it absorbs like none other!


Former Miss Universe Zuleyka Rivera is the new Huggies spokesperson, check out one of her new webisodes featuring her son Sebastian:

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  1. Sonia says

    We love Huggies Sure Fit, especially the 12 hour protection. And because they’re thin, they’re easy to pack for summer travel.

  2. says

    Well it;s been a long time since my tweens have needed diapers. But you are right some brands work better than others and these are reliable. Also kids move a lot especially as toddlers exploring the world so they need diapers that don’t leak.

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