I’m a Cottonelle Brand Ambassador! Now let’s talk bums!



There are things we do every day and most people don’t, or won’t talk about them.  This like what goes on in the bathroom.  Now, don’t get me wrong….I hear about it a lot when I’m around the kids or even the guys.  They have NO issue talking about everything happens in the bathroom, but most women don’t feel the same.  Well, it’s time to leave that comfort zone ladies, we’ll be talking about bums because…….

I was recently chosen as one of fifty COTTONELLE Ambassadors!  


Seriously, there are days that all I hear about all day long is what happens in the bathroom.  I might complain about hearing ALL the details, but it’s something that happens to everyone and I don’t care how much you want to deny it…..we all use the toilet.

Check out this hilarious video from Cherry Healy:

I think it’s hilarious that she mentions how we use wipes on the kids but not as adults.  Why is that?  We keep wipes for the babies..I mean, could you imagine cleaning your baby’s little bum with toilet paper?  No way!  Why would you have a better bathroom routine for your baby than yourself?  If it isn’t good enough for your baby, why would it be good enough for yourself?

As a part of my ambassadorship, I’ll be talking about the Cottonelle Fresh Care Disposable Wipes!  I mean, you don’t have to use baby wipes on yourself, but you can still get the same freshness.  Quit putting yourself on the back-burner and protect your bum!  If you haven’t tried them yet, do yourself a favor and pick some up.  You’ll wonder what took you so long!

Protect your bum and I’m going to be sharing some funny stories and inspiration to make yourself think about treating your bum a little nicer. Stay tuned, there is more to talk about on this subject!


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