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Disclosure: This tutorial was written because I am a Lowe’s Creative Ideas blogger.  I was provided a gift card to purchase supplies. All thoughts expressed are 100% my own. 

hangingshelf_wordsI have a big, huge window in my kitchen that I love, but have always felt like it’s wasted space.  For the month of September, my challenge for the Lowe’s Creative Ideas team was window treatments….so I thought this might be a good time to do something fun with my window.

I had already created curtains for the the window (Don’t you love the fabric?  It’s so FUN!) so I thought  a hanging shelf would be perfect.  It would give me a place to put my herbs I was growing without taking up valuable counter space.

This was the first real project my husband and I did in our new house. It might not be a huge project, but I do love it and it wasn’t difficult.  Here’s how I did it:



  • Wood in preferred size for window
  • Stain or paint (optional)
  • Chain (I used Blue Hawk Nickle-plated 10ft Twist Chain)
  • Hooks for ceiling


  • Drill and bits to fit chain and to anchor hooks
  • Paintbrush (if staining or painting wood)




 Start by marking where you want to drill holes for your chain to hang.  Mine were 2 inches down and 1 inch in on each corner.  Then stain the wood, if needed.  As you can see from my pic, I stained first, then drilled….so I had to restain because of the wood showing.  Live and learn, right?  Let your stain dry while you work on the other parts of this project…..


Measure where you will want your shelf to hang.  I measured my entire window, marked the middle then measured out where the wood would fit centered.  So if your window was 48 inches, mark at 24. If your wood is. say 24 inches, from the middle mark 12 inches on each side.  This is where you will drill to put your hooks.


Drill holes, put in plastic inserts and screw in the hooks.

DSC03609Take your chain and put in one hole, across the bottom and up through the other hole on that end.  You can either pull the chain through and hook both ends on your hook, or to save some chain, create a triangle by connecting the end you pulled through to the longer chain.  I did this and realized that my chain was too small to fit over the hooks.  Darn it.  Time to improvise.  I created circles that would go over the hooks.  Yay!  Repeat on the other side.  ‘

DSC03644Hang up your shelf, place your plants, vases, whatever…stand back and enjoy your great work!

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  1. dj says

    I would love to know the manufacturor of the fabric you used for the window treatment!! It is a fun & cheery print-just what I’d like in my own kitchen. Do you mind sharing that info??

    • says

      Honestly, I’m not sure who made the fabric, but I bought it at Joann’s in the outdoor fabric section. :) I fell in love with it as soon as I saw it!

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