Hair Tutorial: Side Knot


The other day I was on Instagram and found the cutest hairstyle, I HAD to try it.  K Squared Glamour had shared this super cute side knotted hairstyle that I thought was perfect for fall.  I shared it with my friends, some of which, had problems figuring it out.  I created my own little video (see at the bottom) showing you how to recreate this super-easy hairstyle.

  1. Pull hair to whichever side you want to wear it.
  2. Split into two equal parts.
  3. Tie a knot, just like you’re going to tie your shoes!
  4. Tie a second knot.  Yep, you’re double-knotting your hair.  Pull them up tight.
  5. Secure with your hair elastic.
  6. You’re ready to take on the world!


It takes about 30 seconds to complete (once you figure it out).  I love this style, and will be using it a LOT.  It even looks cute when you throw on a hat!

Now, if you still need a visual on how to get this style, check out my video:



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