As a mom, I must confess….. #CBSMOM

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I’m a mom, yes.  I stay home and care for my kids to the best of ability…but there are days I just need a break.  There are days I haven’t had a minute to myself from playing Legos to coloring and Play-Doh, there are days I just need a break.  When you follow my blog for any amount of time, you know I have some days that are much worse than others.

During the summer, I would tell the kids to go outside and have a water fight.  I may or may not have then decided it was a good time to either (a) mop the floor or (b) shampoo the carpet, meaning they couldn’t come back inside and oops, I cornered myself in the house and can’t get out either!  Darn it!  Sounds like you’ll be outside for at least another 30 minutes or so.  Darn it!  ; )

We all have done things as moms that maybe, aren’t exactly 100% Mom-of-the-Year status.  We are human.

I grew up watching a lot of unconventional moms on television, and I think to some degree, a lot of us can relate to the moms in one way or another.  Check out this video showcasing televisions 10 most unconventional moms:

TV’s Top 10 Most Unconventional Moms from beth Feldman on Vimeo.

Okay, so maybe I don’t act like Peggy Bundy, but I know she had good intentions for her children, she just, wasn’t, well, domestic.  That’s okay, we aren’t all Martha Stewart around the house (I know I lack in many skills).  We do our best for our families, but sometimes, we just, well, do things that would probably be frowned upon to the outsider.

This fall (beginning Monday, September 23, 2013) there is a new comedy on television that shows just how dysfunctional a family can be and the many struggles a parent goes through, even when they are trying their best and have good intentions.  Check out the trailer for MOM:


This trailer looks hilarious and I can’t wait to start watching the show…I’m setting up my DVR tonight so I don’t miss it!  Maybe most of us didn’t have moms as bad as that growing up, but I think it will keep us on our toes to see how much worse things can get.  Christy is working her tush off to raise her two children on her own, despite any pitfalls she comes across in the long run.

Tune into the premiere on CBS Monday September 23rd at 9:30 ET/8:30 CT! 



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