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When I think back to learning to drive, I was terrified.  It doesn’t seem as long ago as it was.  Yeah, I know…if you ask my kids it was like 100 years ago when in actuality it was *sigh* 18 years ago.  My goodness!  I’ve been driving long enough to be able to vote!  When I think back to what it was like driving those first couple years..I made some really stupid mistakes.  I didn’t take driving as serious as I do know.  Of course, I didn’t need to…I knew everything!  Didn’t we all?

This is a huge problem with teen drivers.  They don’t think the same way we do as experienced drivers….shoot most don’t even consider themselves inexperienced drivers!  I guess because they are licensed, most teens think they have experience.  I probably thought that when I was a teen as well… when I look back I realize I didn’t know anything at all.


State Farm conducted a survey on teen drivers and found some really alarming things.  Besides the fact that only 15% of teens believe their peers are inexperienced drivers (you’ve been driving for how many months?!?!), so many teens (only 51% say they follow) are not abiding by traffic safety laws…although 89% of parents believe they are.

GDL_Hispanic_English Infographic

Here is an infographic that shows some of their findings!  Just click it to see the full-sized version!  

Being a supportive, involved parent is so important.  It opens up the doors of communication and helps to keep teens safe.  I’ve already started to lay that foundation with my almost 13 year old.  It won’t be long and he’ll be behind the wheel.  I don’t want him to make so many mistakes that teens make.

Every time we drive and he’s in the car with me, we talk about things we see as we’re driving.  What happens when someone speeds, people that aren’t buckled up in their cars or we discuss car accidents we see on the sides of the road.  My son doesn’t think much of it now, but I *hope* that as he gets older and when he starts to drive, he remembers the conversations we’ve had.  He remembers seeing people run a red light and what it does to the other people entering the intersection.  What happens when there is someone not paying attention and texting or whatever else and is swerving in their lane.  I’m lucky that my son is good about pointing out mistakes that people are making already.  I hope as he gets older and starts to learn to drive that it continues.

What are you doing for your teen or soon-to-be to ensure they are a safe driver?

For more information, visit the State Farm Teen Driver Safety Website and Celebrate My Drive on Facebook!

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