Sprite Cranberry Apple Spritzer

I hope you’ve already seen my Sprite Cranberry Zero Cupcakes with Cranberry Buttercream Frosting…if you haven’t seen them yet, please go check them out.  Who knew that mixing a can of Sprite Cranberry with a box of cake mix could make something so delicious?!  My recipe is easy enough you can the kids help but so delicious everyone will be asking for the recipe!

I was also sent the Sprite Cranberry (non-Zero) to taste test.  Can I just say that I wish cranberries were so popular all year?  They are delicious and adding in the cranberry flavor to Sprite took it to an entirely different level.  It will be hitting shelves soon…and I’ll be stocking up.

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While I loved it just like it was, I wanted to figure out some way to use it in a drink for the holidays.  If you’re like me, you like to have delicious drinks for your guests, not just cans of soda on the counter.  I played around a bit and came up with a delicious mixture that I think you’ll really love.  Everyone that has tried it so far says it’s amazing and as my husband said, “it makes your taste buds dance”.

This will be one drink I make for each family get-together that we have.  It’s easy, it’s non-alcoholic and it’s so tasty!  Only three (with an optional garnish of real cranberries) sets this drink off.

Cranberry Apple Spritzer using Sprite Cranberry

Cranberry Apple Spritzer


  • Sprite Cranberry (regular or Zero)
  • Apple Juice
  • Vanilla Ice Cream
  • *Optional* Fresh Cranberries for garnish


This can be mixed in each cup, or make up a large punch bowl full to serve.  Mix one part Sprite Cranberry with one part apple juice.  Gently mix.  Spoon ice cream on top.  If you’d like, garnish with fresh cranberries.


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