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Disclosure: This tutorial was written because I am a Lowe’s Creative Ideas blogger. I was provided a gift card to purchase supplies. All thoughts expressed are 100% my own.

When we bought our own house, the first thing I wanted to do was paint every room.  I had never lived in a house that wasn’t rented, so I had never been able to choose the color of a room.  I had been drooling over paint samples for months and months.

Here we are almost 6 months later and I barely started the painting.  It’s off to Lowe’s I go!

I hadn’t ever painted a room before.  I didn’t know what to do or where to start..but our little half-bath was the perfect place to start!  It needed a face lift.  It is a good spaced room for a half-bath, but it had NO personality.  I wanted something drastic, so here is what I was working with and what I did…..

BathMakeoverIsn’t the color gorgeous?!?!?!  It is Valspar Signature paint in Raspberry Wine.  I learned a LOT painting this room..all by myself, I must add!

  • Just because you put masking tape around the edges doesn’t mean it won’t leak…even if you use FrogTape.  I have since seen there is something extra you are supposed to add to textured walls to help the seal….but you live and learn, right?  I guess I should have been more careful because I had a mess to clean up around all the edges.
  • The easiest paint roller to use on a smaller room like this is a mini roller.  It’s only 4 inches and easy to manage, plus it doesn’t pick up as much excess paint as a large roller, so you waste less.  I like that it was PERFECT to get back behind the toilet too!  I really didn’t want any white left on the wall behind the tank.
  • You can take your roller, cover it in plastic wrap and freeze it.  This helps because for several days it’s good to go back and look at the walls at different times of the day to see where you need to touch up.  Each time of the day I found different areas that needed more paint!  Keeping the roller in the freezer was awesome because I didn’t waste the paint that was in the roller, I just took it out for a few minutes until it defrosted!

I couldn’t *just* paint the bathroom…so there are a few other things I changed up.  Besides picking up a new trashcan and soap dispenser, I needed something to hold extra toilet paper.  I couldn’t find a holder that I really liked…so I had to get creative.  I walked up and down the aisles of Lowe’s and found the PERFECT way to hold a few extra rolls in this bathroom.



Yep, it’s a paper towel holder, but instead of hanging it sideways, like it’s intended, I put it straight up.  It works PERFECT!  I can put 3 extra rolls of tissue on there.  It’s out of the way and doesn’t take any room on the floor.

I also replaced our normal hand towel holder with one that was really perfect for us.  Having a smaller child, it’s hard for him to reach everything…so we found this:

towelThis is the COOLEST towel holder!  The ring can be pulled down so even short kids can dry their hands.  I love it!

We added a plant that I picked up at Lowe’s and it added a pop of color I really loved.  I’m still on the search for the perfect wall art, but for now, I am completely loving my new bath and am happy when visitors use it and say how pretty the color is.

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      That is a real towel holder! I LOVE it! My little one can pull down the towel and it will just roll back up. They carry them at Lowe’s in the section with all the bathroom accessories! It’s only a few bucks, too!


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