20+ Halloween Crafts to make with Milk Jugs!

Halloween Milk Jug Crafts

My family goes through A LOT of milk.  I never know what to do with the jugs.  We don’t have recycling in my area until later this month and throwing them away is just…well…..wasteful.  The plastic has to be good for something..right?  Well, with the holidays here, I have a LOT of crafting to do…..so I thought I’d find some ways to incorporate these milk jugs into something useful and fun.  I mean, they have to be good for something more than just carrying delicious milk into the house, right?

As I researched projects with milk jugs, I realized that all these years I’ve really been missing out!  You can make the *cutest* and *scariest* things with the jugs!  I’m gathering jugs from neighbors in addition to saving our own to create a few of these for awesome outside decorations!  I mean, you have to have a skeleton hanging outside…..and how awesome to create one using recycled materials!?!?!!

Check out my list of over 20 items to make using these jugs!

  1. Milk Jug Skeleton (Tutorial)
  2. Ghost Spirit Jugs (Tutorial)
  3. Wind Sock (Photo)
  4. Monster Yard Lights (Tutorial)
  5. Milk Jug Pumpkin (Tutorial)
  6. Frankenstein Milk Jug Pinata (Tutorial)
  7. Halloween Masks (Tutorial)
  8. Vampire Candy Holder (Tutorial)
  9. Halloween Milk Jug Lanterns (Tutorial)
  10. Light Up Ghost (Tutorial)
  11. Frankenstein Head (Photo)
  12. Stormtrooper Helmet (Tutorial)
  13. Football Helmet (Tutorial)
  14. Spooky Spider (Tutorial)
  15. Monster Treat Holder (Tutorial)
  16. Stay Puft Marshmallow Man (Photo)
  17. Milk Jug Monster (Tutorial)
  18. Monster Jug Heads (Tutorial)
  19. Milk Jug Corpse (Tutorial)
  20. Spooky Glowing Ghosts (Tutorial)
  21. Balloon and Milk Jug Candy Holder (Photo)
  22. Frankenstein Costume (Tutorial)


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