All things Minecraft, Halloween Edition

My kids are all obsessed with game Minecraft.  I see my friends all over Facebook talking about their kids playing, so I know we aren’t the only ones.  Honestly, I don’t understand the obsession.  I get dizzy trying to play it.  Last year my son was Steve (the guy from Minecraft) for Halloween.  I wish I had written a tutorial on his costume, but of course, I was rushed last minute.  To create it, I cut blocks of squares from craft paper and glued them to a box that would fit over my son’s head.  I created the box using foam board because I couldn’t find a box the right size, so putting some hot glue on the edges of a foam board was MUCH easier to do.

I decided this year I want to do MORE with Minecraft, so I’ve compiled a list of Minecraft-themed ideas to incorporate into your Halloween festivities!


Minecraft Halloween Costumes and Accessories

Minecraft Pumpkins and Decor

Minecraft Crafts

If you aren’t wanting to take the time to make things by yourself, there are some really awesome things you can purchase online!  Here is where to buy all the stuff you need for costumes and decorations!


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