DIY Lighted Christmas Star from yard sticks!

DIY Lighted Christmas Star by

Christmas is my favorite time of the year for decorating.  You can do so much and really get creative…but it can really add up if you purchase everything already made.  To fit my budget, I need to get creative.  This year I’m really focusing on creating a LOT of Christmas decorations since we are in our new house.

I created this star for under $10…it was SO easy.  I had a plan and headed to Lowe’s to pick up my supplies.  It didn’t take long (the paint drying was the long part).  Since yard sticks are so inexpensive, you can pick up 5 for about $3.  The lights I picked up (I used 2 boxes) were only $1.99/each.  The paint was a sample I already had, but even picking up a container of the sample paint is less than $3.  I added the glitter spray paint, which basically doubled my costs because the bottle of that was nearly $6, but I feel like it was well worth the money.

Here’s how I created it:

DIY Lighted Christmas Star


  • 5 Yard Sticks
  • Glue (I used E6000)
  • Paint (I used a sample bottle of Valspar Oxygen White and Valspar Silver Gloss Spray Paint)
  • Paint Brush (I used a foam brush)
  • Christmas Lights (I used 2 boxes of 100ct lights)


  1. Glue your yard sticks together to create the star shape.  Use a dab of glue at each point.
  2. After glue has dried, paint the star to cover the writing on the yard sticks.  I painted two coats of the white and then sprayed it with the glitter spray, just to give some shimmer when the light hits it.
  3. When your paint is dried, wrap your lights around the sticks.  You can use as many or as little lights as you’d like to give the effects you want to obtain.

DIY Lighted Christmas Star DIY Lighted Christmas Star


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