Ways to Save This Holiday Season #HRBlockEA

Disclosure: This article was sponsored in a partnership with H&R Block.  All opinions expressed are 100% my own.  

The holidays are without a doubt the most expensive time of year.  Between family get-togethers, parties, gifts and all the other expenses, the holiday season can add up quickly.  There are ways you can make sure to make it through the season without drowning in debt. 10 ways to save this holiday

  1.  Make a budget.  Yes, we all sign when we hear budget, but you have to know how much you can spend.  If you don’t figure that out, you can easily spend much more than you should.
  2. Make a list.  How many times have you gotten the day before a party or gift exchange and realized you forgot someone?  The easiest way to ensure you cover everyone, and budget out your money (yeah, I know, I’m back on the budget) so you don’t spend too much on one person and not enough on someone else.  Make your list, figure out how much you have to spend on each person and if you find that you run out of funds, you can readjust.
  3. Use cash.  Don’t put it on credit cards.  This will only cause problems later down the road.  You are only putting yourself into debt for the coming year(s).  Only spend what you have available to you.
  4. Start planning early.  Give yourself enough time to gather everything you need/want for the holidays.  If you rush at the last minute you are much more to pay top dollar for items you could have gotten last week for 50% off.
  5. Not all gifts have to cost money.  All the gifts you give don’t have to have a monetary value.  Offer to babysit, walk their dogs, clean their home/yard or something like that.  There are so many things you can offer without actually having to come out of pocket for a gift.
  6. Use e-cards.  Don’t spend a lot of money on sending Christmas cards.  You can personalize cards and send them via email.  This saves time and money.
  7. Make parties potluck style.  If you are having a holiday party in your home, don’t take on all the burden of cooking and providing food.  Ask everyone to bring a dish with enough food for everyone.  This will help to cut down the strain on your budget and lessens your stress.
  8. Your kids don’t really NEED that hot toy.  Every year it seems there is the one HOT toy that all kids want (although they say they NEED it).  I guarantee that your kids don’t NEED the toy.  Don’t go out of your way to pay an inflated amount to get that toy they probably won’t play with anyway.  If they truly *need* it, wait until after Christmas when they have restocked and pick one up with their Christmas money.
  9. Use shopping apps while you are out.  I keep apps like Retail Me Not up while I’m out shopping to be able to utilize coupons on items I’ll already be buying.  You might be able to find a 20% off coupon or something like that to have the cashier scan and save you some money.
  10. Utilize free shipping.  If you are purchasing something for a friend/family member from out of town, see if you can order their gift online and have it shipped directly to them.  Shipping items can get VERY expensive, so leave it to the professionals and utilize their free shipping!

Let’s face it, even with these tips, it might still be hard to have a really successful holiday.  I get that, but really, I do.  By the beginning of November I am counting down until tax time to get back on track.  I’m planning what we are going to pay and what we are going to buy.  H&R Block understands your needs and has created the Emerald Advance Line of Credit to help you out.  Beginning November 25th you can set up an appointment to get your line of credit!  All you need to take them is your (unexpired) Government Issued Photo ID (hello, driver’s license) and your most recent pay stub.  This isn’t the same as getting your tax return early, this is so.much.better.  It’s a line of credit you can draw from as you need it, all year round.  We all have things that come up and throw us a curve ball. So what are you waiting for?  Put it on your calendar to schedule your appointment and get set up…just in case you need it now, or later!  Click here to get set up or learn more: http://bit.ly/QUfxzR How would you like a H&R Block Gift Card?  H&R Blocks offers a variety of services.  How would you like to win a gift card to help you take advantage of those services?!  One lucky Thrifty Ninja reader will win a $300 H&R Block Gift Card!  Enter below! a Rafflecopter giveaway


  1. Margaret Smith says

    I try to stick to my budget. I look for the best prices on items by looking at ads in the paper & also by looking on the internet. I also like to buy items throughout the year when I see a great deal.

  2. says

    I save money a few ways. 1. Shopping for deals all year long let’s me space out my purchases so I don’t put such a big dent in my wallet all at once at Christmas. 2. GIVEAWAYS! Bloggers and other websites are big on giveaways. It’s a long shot, depending on the items and number of entries, but you never win unless you enter (like we are doing here, now!) 3. I use Swagbucks, where I earn points to cash in for gift cards and/or paypal cash. I have earned over $200 in rewards from them this year, so far! Here’s my link if you wanna check it out! swagbucks.com/refer/ambeolin910 4. I just started using Recyclebank, another rewards program, just about a week ago and I am racking up points to cash in for more gift cards! I already close to being able to cash in for a free movie ticket from Regal Theaters. Super easy, check it out!: https://rcycle.it/6kd7d

  3. Ann Fantom says

    I set a dollar limit for each person before beginning shopping, make a list for each person, and then make sure I stick to it.

  4. kim says

    Make a budget and stick to it that one more gift will not mean anything in a few years but the credit card debt that you are still paying off will

  5. says

    i just found your Blog and loving it :) What great tips ! I do give homemade Gift like Cookie/Soup Mix in a Jar ,homemade Jellies but i never thought about some of things of mentioned like walking the dog. Love it !

  6. Betsy Barnes says

    We have a budget and continue to stick to it during the holidays, use cash, make a list, do your research online for deals before you go shopping and stay focused :)

  7. Nancy says

    I always make a budget in early November for the holidays and then I stick to it. It probably helps that I am really frugal and an accountant:)

  8. says

    My tip is to make a list, check it twice, and then stick to it. I think a lot of us get off track with picking up little impulse items while shopping thinking it’s just “a little thing”. But then it all adds up and you’re off track on your budget. Put your blinders on :)

  9. Wendy Rozema says

    my best budgeting tip is to make a budget and stay on that budget by looking for items to go on sale or if there’s a coupon to use that!

  10. Susan Smith says

    My tip is to make a list, buy items on sale and use cash, you are less likely to overspend than if you charge it.

  11. Geoff K says

    My best tip is to use prepaid credit cards with fixed amounts for all of your shopping to avoid overspending or over-splurging on gifts for yourself when you’re out at the stores!

  12. Tabathia B says

    Never pay full price, take advantage of black friday and cyber monday sales and never use credit cards unless it is for a big purchase and set a budget aside for christmas shopping

  13. Crystal F says

    Put money aside all throughout the year, much easier than having to take a large chunk out of the last couple of paydays. Shop sales so that you never pay full price. Look online for the best price and then look for coupon codes to save even more. Thank you!!

  14. Catherine says

    I have a budget per person I am buying for. I make a list of what I’d like to purchase and try my best to stick to it.I tend to see a lot of good deals this time of year but if they aren’t on my list I try to avoid them.

  15. Tanya White says

    I have plans on sticking to a list/budget. I also shop all sales, deals and won’t buy anything that’s not at least 50 % off regular price.

  16. Leslie L Stanziani says

    I have a set amount per child to spend.I have let my 4 kids know that they may not get the same amount of gifts but I spend the same.I try to put back $5 a week so that I have a. little bit to spend on them each year.I refuse to compete with others and see no reason to spend hundreds of dollars per child on things they will play with for a month and then forget about.

  17. sb8857 says

    Decide what you are going to spend on food and gifts. Make a list that stays within that budget and stick to it as much as possible!

  18. Melody Domingues says

    I’m DIY most of the gifts this year. The budget that I’m setting for myself is for the supplies. I’ve researched on making everything from bodyscrubs to outfits.

  19. Beverly Metcalf says

    Budget how much to spend in advance and make a list of gifts to buy and watch the sales and buy when the items you want are on sale. Thanks for having a wonderful contest.

  20. Bryan E. says

    Thanks for the giveaway…we have a strict budget for the holidays, and we are making purchases with cash / debit card, no credit cards !

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