Save money on your Energy with @ChooseEnergy & Win $350 Toward Your Energy Bill


I’m both lucky and unlucky to live in an area that only has one electric company.  While it’s great I don’t have to shop around, I also don’t have a choice on who I use.  I honestly had no idea there were places that offered more than one company for electricity. I guess Albuquerque is really behind the times!  I can shop around for my cable rates to find the company with the best deal, I wish I could do the same for my electricity.  For those in states that offer more than one company, how do you know how to choose?  How do you decide which company works best for your family?


If you head to you can put in your zip code to find the best energy solution to fit your needs.  Users save up to 25% just by switching and the coolest part?  Choose Energy will make the change for you!  You could start saving money in less than 10 minutes!  Woo hoo!

Since I can’t use mean why would I, there isn’t a choice here….I looked up a zip code in Texas to play around with the site.  It was pretty neat!  Check it out:

CaptureDepending on what type of plan you want, you can scroll through the plans easily to compare companies.  It is so easy to navigate and understand.


Although I wish we could all have these types of choices to help us save money….this isn’t available for everyone.  You must live in Pennsylvania, Texas, New York, Ohio, Connecticut, Illinois, Maryland or New Jersey.  While that isn’t the entire country, that does a a lot of people!

I seriously wish I had a website like this for every bill I have!  No waiting on hold, no person trying to sell me things I don’t need/want and no IVR to try and navigate that makes me want to scream!  Yay for simplicity!


Who wants to win 3 months of Energy?!?!?!

($350 value)

Go to, find a provider that fits your needs and you could win three months of free electricity from Choose Energy (up to $350).
Winners will receive a Visa gift card in the amount of $350. Winners will be selected by Jan. 30, 2014. Gift cards will be awarded by Feb.17, 2014. 


  1. Betty says

    We are locked in at this point so I guess that also disqualifies us. This whole concept is confusing. We have 16 options though 2 plans have 3 separate rate choices listed and 2 other plans have 2 each.

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