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Throughout Mexico, January 6 is a very special day.  It is known as “El Dia de Reyes” (Three King’s Day).  Growing up we didn’t celebrate it, but I wish we would have…..let me explain what it is, if you didn’t know.

Three King’s Day commemorates the three wise men that traveled to see baby Jesus.  Traditionally, this day is much like Christmas is in the United States because gifts are given.  That explains why kids love it so much, right?

I think my favorite part of the holiday is the Rosca de Reyes (King’s Bread).  This yummy bread is baked in a circle to represent the king’s crown.  Everyone is given a piece of the bread and hidden somewhere within is a little baby.  Whomever find the baby is obligated to host a party on February 2 known as  ‘Dia de la Candelaria’ (Candlemas Day).

Check out this video where Alondra explains how her family celebrates Three Kings Day:

I love love love her mom!  She is so cute!  They get a toy laptop if they weren’t that good.  LOL!   I think that’s great!

Although I haven’t really celebrated growing up, I want to start incorporating this into our family traditions.  I want my children to learn all about their culture and the different holidays associated with it.

Classic JCPenney 4c

I am grateful for JCPenney who is here to help families find the things that make their holidays special.   We all have different traditions and ways we celebrate throughout the year.  We all may live in the United States, but many of us have traditions we have brought over from our families in other countries.  JCPenney is the first retail brand to celebrate what a REAL Christmas is like for Latinos through stories by Latino children and their families.  I LOVE watching these children and their families, showcasing that although they live in the United States, they still want to be true to their cultures.

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  1. says

    This is wonderful! I have never heard of this but love learning about different cultures and traditions. How great that JC Penneys is working so closely with Latino families and supporting the traditions that they have passed down for generations. I love that!

  2. amittenfull says

    thank you for posting this– I’ve heard of Three Kings Day before but wasn’t 100% sure of what it was– this sounds like a great tradition!

  3. says

    I enjoy learning about different cultures and the holidays and traditions they celebrate! Three Kings Day is not one I have learned yet, so I am loving this post, thank you! Now, tell me more about this bread? How does it taste?

  4. says

    I had never heard of three kings day! I love when I learn new tidbits like this about other cultures! I am weird when it comes to food but I would possibly give it a try, I mean it is sweet bread it is probably totally amazing :)

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