The Candy Lady has now gone as far as to beg for money

For nearly my entire life, The Candy Lady has been in the Old Town area of Albuquerque.  I’ve always known she was there and I’ve been in there….once.  Yep, once in my entire life.  I know she sells candy and I know she makes pornographic cakes….I also know she makes the rock candy used in the Breaking Bad series as crystal meth.

I’ve been to Old Town MANY times, but never took the time to stop at The Candy Lady because well, she’s over priced and I hear the customer service is horrible.   Why bother.

I recently heard in the news that she was being evicted from her location because the landlord was raising her rent.  Then it changed to they couldn’t come to an agreement on a lease.  Then I read on the KRQE site that many months she didn’t even pay her full rent and was month-to-month and after not agreeing on a lease they rented the area to someone else.

From a business standpoint I totally get that.

I don’t care if you’ve been in business for a day or a decade…or three in this case, if you don’t pay your bills, it’s time to go.  If you can’t pay your rent then maybe you need to figure out where you are going wrong and fix it.  Maybe that’s just the business woman in me though.


She set up a IndieGogo  account to try to raise…are you ready for this…$500,000 to move locations.  If you’d like to invest $50,000, here is what you get in return:


Yep, that’s right for just $50,000 you can get 10 lbs of rock candy, a picture, mentioned in interviews…and…are you ready for this….your name engraved on a 36″ plaque.

So, it got a little crazy on their Facebook page when they posted this:


Fair enough, you want to raise money…BUT…you are a business and normally businesses raise their money by selling product, not asking for handouts.  I mean, I understand they are in a bind, but how many small businesses aren’t?  So it got interesting when it was asked what happens if she still fails.  Her answer was…interesting……..


Really?  REALLY?!  The Candy Lady has been around for a long time.  Yes, people love her.  But she wouldn’t be in this bind if she had just agreed to a new lease agreement.  Yes, she’s been around for a long time, but if she isn’t able to pay her rent, then is she really that important to the economy of Old Town?  I don’t think that she’s in that convenient of a location anyway.  She’s hard to get to and it’s a pain in the butt to park down there.  Old Town is still Old Town without her.  I know a lot of people that come to NM to visit and yeah, they’ve said they want to visit Old Town, but not ONE has said a word about The Candy Lady.

There were quite a few interesting comments on the Facebook thread though……



I mean, I get it…small businesses struggle.  I grew up in a family that went from one small business to the next.  I understand that one bad move and it can all be gone…ask my parents about their cleaning business that went belly up after my mom got in a car accident.  It happens.  If you’ve been in business for 30 YEARS though, you should have some type of profit saved or at least be able to go to a bank and get a loan to move….I mean, any established business that has been successful for 30 YEARS and is so important to the economy of the entire Old Town area (as she states on several occasions) should have the backing of a bank.

Let’s not forget the other side as well.  We don’t really know what’s going on with the landlord.  I mean, if I owned a property and you weren’t paying your rent or whatever, I’d want you out.  Selling candy is the Candy Lady’s business and renting out the store is the property owners.  If she doesn’t pay her rent, they don’t make money.

There’s three sides to this story, hers, theirs and the truth…which I’m sure is a mixture of the first two.

I don’t know what the Candy Lady should do, but I do think she needs to figure it out without begging for money from the customers that have already kept her in business for 30 years.  Have a special sale, have a big promotion…ask for help in other ways for other businesses.  I mean, if she’s that important to Old Town, wouldn’t the other shop owners be jumping to try and help her out?  I mean, if she leaves the entire Old Town area will turn into a ghost town.  (insert eye roll).


I love comments!