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I’m always worried to throw out papers that have personal information on them.  What if someone got their hands on my information?  What if they stole my identity?


I have thought about a shredder before, but always picture the big office ones or the cheap ones you used to be able to buy that would jam up if you put in more than one paper at a time.  Lucky for me, I was asked to review the Fellowes P-12C shredder.  I didn’t know what to expect, because like I said…I thought these types of shredders always jammed up.

I got the box delivered to me and set it up right away.  I started looking for stuff to shred to try it out.  The instructions said it would shred up to 12 pages at one time.

Guess what?

It works!  I could shred a small stack all at the same time.  It is great now that I’m getting a lot of information for taxes and things that I don’t want floating around after I file.

Here’s what I like about it:

fellowes2It’s a great size.  My office isn’t the biggest, so this fits perfectly under my desk.  I also love that I can shred several pages at the same time.  I haven’t had it get stuck once.  I love that it shreds credit cards.  I was recently sent all new bank cards because every one I own was used at Target during that huge security breech.  I had all the old cards and didn’t want to just toss them.  I put them through the shredder and they were out of my life, without me worrying that someone would get their hands on them.  I also like that the bin is a nice 4-gallon size.  This allows me to shred a LOT before having to dump it out.  It’s also cool that when the power is on, it senses when I put paper close and the shredder portion turns on.

Honestly, now that I’ve used this for a while, I think everyone should own a shredder.  It comes in handy to shred all that mail that has your name and address on it.  Oh, did I mention that you don’t have to worry about removing staples and paper clips?! Yep, it just shreds them along with the paper.  Cool stuff, huh?!


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