Two outfits, under $50 at Gordmans


I love shopping.  I mean, seriously.  I’d be okay with a brand new outfit every day of the week.  Of course that isn’t possible and the money I do have to spend on clothes needs to stretch as far as it can.  I want to be trendy, I want to be stylish but I don’t want to spend the money that a lot of trendy, stylish clothes cost.

It hasn’t been long since Gordmans opened in the Albuquerque area.  I had NO IDEA what it was and took to Facebook to ask my friends.  Everyone was so excited and said how much they loved it.  I counted down the days until they opened.  The first day I walked in, I was hooked.  The store is jam packed with clothes for everyone in the family and everything is SO cute…but affordable.

I was given a $50 gift card and asked to see how much I could buy with the money.

Challenge Accepted! 


I took to the store, looking for something to wear this spring.  Luckily when I head into work I don’t have to be super dressed up, but I still want to look nice and I want to look stylish…..cute.  You know?  Any reason to wear cute shoes, right?  Why wear sneakers when I can wear cute boots or heels…shoot even cute flats.  Shoes really do change my mood.

So, I walked in and found this cute outfit, but each piece was from XOXO and was $30 each…that would take me $10 over my budget.  Okay, well, luckily there was a lot more store to look at.


I found this incredibly cute dress, but unfortunately they smallest size they had was a medium.  Darn it!  I need a small.  Story of my life.  The dress was adorable and only $19.99.  That would have left $30 for shoes or a purse!  Okay, well time to keep looking.


Next I found this incredibly cute cardigan, paired with a matching tank top and a pair of jeans.  Unfortunately I’m too short for the jeans.  I wanted to wear sandals and realized that I couldn’t pull off these jeans without hemming them.  While I LOVE the outfit and all three pieces still left me with $15 to spare, I went back to look for more.


I ran across the clearance rack where I found this dress for just $10!  The pattern is very retro, it’s comfy and isn’t it cute?!  I had to try it on, but after I did, I fell that much more in love with it.



Anyone else do this when they are trying on dresses?  I always stand on my toes like I’m in heels…even though I’m in socks.  LOL


Then it was time to keep looking..I still had $40 to spend!  I went back to the racks and…….


I found these cute teal women pants.  They feel like leggings but I won’t look like I’m wearing yoga pants at work.  I paired the pants with a black tank top and then I found the gorgeous leopard print sheer top to cover.  I had to add accessories, so I picked up some silver sandals.  Before I left, I took a look at the jewelry and found the necklace and earring set.  Perfect!




20 percent coupon (good through 4-1-14) (1)

So I checked out, used my 20% off coupon, which by the way, you can download by clicking the image to the right (good through 4/1/14)!  I was nervous as each item was rung up.  My total?  $57.95.  UGH!  I was $7.95 over.  The necklace and earring set was $8.99, so that is what took me over.  Even without those, I was able to pick up pants, a tank top, shirt, sandals and a dress for the $50!  How incredibly amazing is that?

I love that I can stop in and find really stylish clothing that is well within my budget!  There are name brands all over the place and just a fraction of the “mall” prices.

So what do you think?  Did I make some good choices with my $50 to spend?  


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