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Disclosure: This tutorial was written because I am a Lowe’s Creative Ideas blogger. I was provided a gift card to purchase supplies. All thoughts expressed are 100% my own.

A few months back I had redecorated my half-bath by sprucing it up from plain white walls to a gorgeous purple.   I wanted to add something to make the room…pop.   Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE the deep purple, but I wanted something brighter to make the room more exciting.  When Pantone announced their color of the year was Radiant Orchid and I was tasked with a project by Lowe’s that incorporated this color, I knew this was the room!


 I wanted to add something artistic to the walls.  I wanted something that isn’t normal, something that you can’t just pick up at the store.  It was time to get creative.  I took wood shims, the kind you use when you are installing a door frame or something.  I painted them in a number of different shades of the Radiant Orchid and metallic silver.  To make the different shades of purple, I added bits of white to some of the Radiant Orchid paint to give different levels of color.  I then took several and cut them in half in order to have them staggered on the wall.  Starting at the bottom I randomly nailed different colored shims in vertical lines up the wall.

Here’s how it happened:






This project was simple, inexpensive and I LOVE what it did to my bathroom.  The shims are bigger on one side than the other, so as I nailed the, I put fat side to fat side, thin side to thin side.  This gave somewhat of a wave pattern.  I love that it isn’t fully even, it doesn’t match, there is no pattern.  It’s just…fun.

Now I need to get a plant or something to set there.  Yes, if you followed when I painted that room, I did have a plant, but it was real and well, I killed it.  So……time to find a nice silk plant.

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  1. Barbara Arnold says

    WOW now that’s nice. Love the way the painted shims are on two walls. Will definitely use this idea somewhere in my new house. Thank-You for the tip<3

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