My Spring Style #KleenexStyle

Disclosure: This article was sponsored by Kleenex, all opinions expressed are 100% my own.  


I am SO ready for spring.  I want flowers and the trees to bloom and warmth.  I’m starting to migrate from boots and sweaters to sandals and sleeveless tops.  What comes with spring and blooming flowers is allergies.  They are SO bad.  Everywhere I go everyone is sneezing.  It’s bad.  Luckily I can keep Kleenex on hand and still have pretty spring designs to decorate my home…office and even my purse!


I picked up a three pack of Kleenex tissues to keep in my purse and loved the designs (you can see them at the top of this post).  I knew the package looked different, but didn’t realize how cool they were until I opened them up.  Each little package opens in the middle to give two sides of tissues.  Plus, the pattern is different inside than out…but the compliment each other.  SO cool.

There are so many neat patterns and styles to match any outfit or decor.  I even found two boxes for the house that complimented the dress I was wearing!  But which do I choose?  I just don’t know!


I Love all these styles and colors.  There are so many to choose from.  You no longer have to have a big, boring box of Kleenex sitting on your shelf….get a box that matches the decor.  Remember when you could buy the little decorative covers for your Kleenex box?  Those are no longer needed!  Save that $20 and pick up a box that already matches the house!

Take a look at the Kleenex Style Studio to find your perfect style!  


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