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In the past few weeks my son has gained a new appreciation for comic books.  I’m all for it.  Reading is reading, right?  It’s hard to get kids to read, so when you find something that interests them, I say go for it!  I was so excited to see that Big G cereals had partnered up with DC Comics to offer comic books in many of their cereals!  A yummy breakfast AND reading.  Perfect.

Before my son would even eat any cereal, he had to start reading his new comic:


He laid on the floor and read through the entire thing, then asked for another.  Luckily, there is another part to the comic available online.  I think I may have lost my computer until these have all been read through!

Go online to read part 2 of the DC Comics!!!


I don’t think there is a better pairing than cereal and comics.  It’s two things that I remember growing up with…..any way we can get kids reading is fine by me.  I know if I try to force my son to read a big book he will refuse..not because he can’t read it, but because it doesn’t have enough pictures so a comic keeps his interest and will keep him reading for hours.


Did you know that super hero socks make you run faster, jump higher and just all around more awesome?  Yeah, it’s true.  It’s a proven fact…just ask Diego!




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