Craft Room Makeover! #SpringIsCalling

Disclosure: I received a promotional item in exchange for this tutorial because I am a Lowe’s Creative Ideas blogger.  All opinions expressed are 100% my own. 

When my two oldest moved out, it was a hard thing for me to deal with.  My son’s room is down the hall and I don’t pass it but my daughter’s room I pass daily because it is outside of the laundry room.  I was sad seeing her room empty and it made each day harder and harder.  I decided that instead of letting the room sit there and be a sad place I’d transform it into something useful and happy.  I have always wanted a craft studio and now we have the room!  Had we known the kids were going to move a year ago, we probably wouldn’t have bought this large of a house…..but hey, I get a craft studio now!  

I wanted a bright room that inspired me.  We decided to use grey on the walls to make the colors around the room really POP.  I headed to Lowe’s and picked up some Valspar paint in Voyage.  I left one wall white with the intentions of painting a chevron pattern on it.  Well…..yeah.  I tried to use a stencil and draw it on, but I failed.  So for the time being, the wall is white.  One day it will be patterned!


I needed a large work table.  They are really expensive to buy, so I transformed two cubbies and a door into this amazing work station!  Yes, that is a door on top.  To make this awesome table I put together both cubbies  and then found a door that was still whole, no cuts for the door handle yet and painted it pink.  There are bolts (with anchors) from the cubbies to the door to make sure it stays in place!


Another amazing part of my studio is the peg board.  This is a simple peg board that I painted pink…it’s actually Valspar paint in Grand Hotel Geranium Pink.  Then I realized that I needed to mount it on the wall with space behind it…and how do you do that?  Well, it’s easier than it sounds!   Here’s what you do:

  1. Cut two boards around the same height as the peg board.  These can be any size you’d like.  I used some left over small wood that we had from a past project, it’s about 1/2 inch thick or so.  Bolt THOSE to the wall so they are the same width as your peg board.
  2. Now screw the peg board into the wood you just mounted!


Now, I wanted it to look a little more finished, so I found moulding to frame it off.  This also helped to make it look straight, because the peg board was slightly off.


Finally, to give myself some storage, I hung these metal buckets I picked up in the paint area of Lowe’s.  This is SO easy to make.  Simply drill a hole in the center bottom of each bucket.  Using a rope, tie a knot, thread through the hole then wrap the rope around the handle to help keep it straight.  Continue this all to create as many buckets as you’d like.  I stayed with four so I was still able to easily reach each one.  If you want to add something decorative, you could make buckets up to the ceiling!



I needed some place to organize my acrylic paints.  I’ve had them in boxes for awhile now…so here is what I could fine to start.  To make this holder I used E6000 glue to hold 4″ PVC pieces.  It is the perfect size to hold the bottles!

So that’s my craft studio.  I still have a lot of work to do, but I’m off to an amazing start and I love the contrast of pink and grey in here!


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