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The grilling season is upon us. While we all love a good grilled burger or chicken leg, there are many more things you can throw on the grill.  Vegetables take on an entirely new flavor when you grill them.

I’m always looking for ways to get my son to eat vegetables of any type.  He just refuses, but these fun  recipes, cooked on the grill make the vegetables a little more fun.  I mean, grilling makes all types of meat taste even better, so vegetables have to be the same, right?  I scoured the web and found some really delicious recipes that involve vegetables and added them to a collection on  Click the slide show above to be taken to it….you can thank me later…..after you have enjoyed an amazing dinner with healthy veggies.

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Grilled Veggies

One thing that is important to remember when grilled vegetables…or really anything is you don’t want them to stick!  Make sure you are coating your food with oil or spray (if it is being cooked directly on the grill).  The worst thing is getting the perfect cook and going to flip……and it is STUCK.  I’m not going to say that has happened to me a few times…but maybe it’s happened to me a few time.  :)

What is

If you haven’t used yet, you’re missing out!  You can search through recipes, view the pictures and get links to the sites where the recipes are located….and you can create collections (like I did for these grilled veggies).  So you could have a collection of pork dishes, beef dishes, soups, cookies, cakes…yeah.  Whatever you want!  :)

If you are a blogger, it’s great because you can embed the collection (like I did above) for your readers to see each of the recipes.

So check it out, go sign up and start searching recipes!



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