Save Money on Paper Towels – How to Cut Up Rags

I wanted to share this article, written by Jill Cooper of Living on a Dime.  This article is similar to the ones available in the “Keepin’ It Clean E-Book Series“.  The series is available via the Living on a Dime website for just $19.95.  It contains three books, All About Laundry, Cleaning Cents and Plan-it […]

Frugal Burn Remedy!


It seems everyone is getting sun burned right now and spending a lot of money on bottles of  Aloe and things.   I have a better solution.  It works better and is SO much cheaper!  If you apply a little bit of honey to the burn, it will sting for maybe a minute or two […]

How to Stock Up on Cereal


Cereal is a great item to stock up on.  I always have a big selection on cereals for the kids to snack on.  They use cereal for breakfast, snacks and I use them to make deserts or treats.  You don’t want to go and ever buy a box of cereal with a coupon and think […]

Tips for a Successful Yard Sale


Yard sales or garage sales (whatever they called in your neck of the woods) can be either amazing or extremely stressful.  I learned at a young age how to do resale.  Have you seen Auction Hunters or Storage Wars?  My parents were those people while I was growing up.  They went to auctions, bought storage […]

Free Fun in the Summer!

I wanted to remind everyone to check with their local city, parks and libraries for fun FREE things to do this summer.  Many places offer free family entertainment during the summer, which is a great way to keep the kids entertained and not go broke! We just got back from a free movie at a […]

Blog Tips: How to Make Money Blogging

There are many different ways to make money blogging.  You can: sell advertisements on your blog write sponsored posts where people pay you to write about their company be an affiliate and be paid for people clicking through advertisements