The Candy Lady has now gone as far as to beg for money


For nearly my entire life, The Candy Lady has been in the Old Town area of Albuquerque.  I’ve always known she was there and I’ve been in there….once.  Yep, once in my entire life.  I know she sells candy and I know she makes pornographic cakes….I also know she makes the rock candy used in […]

Oriana Farrell vs NM State Police | Who is at fault?


Another embarrassing moment for New Mexico.  We made national news over something that really should have never been an issue.  A woman, Oriana Farrell (a mom of five children) was pulled over on October 28, 2013 because she had been speeding.  According to the video, Farrell was driving 77 mph in a 55mph zone.  Sounds simple, right? […]

Hide and Go Seek Makes Kids Anti-social?


  When I was catching up on my daily news, you know…Facebook, I saw a local radio station talking about the ban of Hide and Go Seek because it made kids secretive and anti-social.  What is this world coming to? Hide and Go Seek is one the best parts of child hood.  It is a […]

Room for junk in the trunk ~ the TRUE test #LAASGM #LAAS

photo 3 (14)

Earlier this week I had the opportunity to check out the LA Auto Show.  You will see my full write up over at Sassy Mama in LA, stay tuned! The first day I was there, we were taken to see some of the 2014 vehicles, including the Spark EV, Sonic and (my favorite) the Impala! […]

The final debate….the memes!

Obama Sank my Battleship

My favorite part of the debate is the day after. A little portion of each thing a candidate says is put into a new meme and it is SO funny.  It doesn’t matter which side you are on, sit back and enjoy some of the funny pictures that came from last night’s debate.  Battleships, Bayonets […]

“Meth Candy” over the top or just in fun?

Meth Candy

Breaking Bad is a huge hit and New Mexico loves that it is filmed here.  It is fun to watch the show and see the places we all frequent as the back drop in so many scenes.  Lately there has been a lot of buzz that we are getting more and more visitors that want to […]