We all have our battles…

I’ve shared a tiny bit about my struggles with my kids lately.  The fact that (I really feel like) they were torn from my arms.  I cried.  I screamed.  I didn’t sleep.  I didn’t eat.  I still feel like I’ve died inside. When I share what I’m going through, I always get told, just give it […]

No, I’m not the same..I’m broken

My heart feels like it has a huge hole in it. It feels empty. It hurts to breathe. My eyes are often filled with tears. I’m not the same person I was.  I try to pretend I’m happy or things aren’t bothering me.  But they are. I’m not motivated like I once was. Why should […]

The Gassy Balloon – A Science Fair Project

science fair project

Science fair time doesn’t have to be stressful, if you can find a good, fun project that your child(ren) enjoy.  We found the ultimate project that doesn’t take long but has a huge, fun outcome that keeps the kids wanting to try again and again.  Diego wants to show all his friends how to do […]

Judge me…..go for it.


I caught a question over at Slap Dash Mom that really got to me….not the question itself, but the replies.  The question was… Do you think less of a woman that doesn’t have custody of her kids……then what about a man? Okay, that’s a valid question.  Most moms DO have all their kids…..unless they are […]

I’ve let you go…but when will you be back?


I try to pretend it doesn’t hurt, but it does.  It hurts every day. I let my two butterflies go…I quit chasing them, but waiting for them to come back to me is the hardest experience of my life. They didn’t just leave me, they left their step-father, they left their little brother.  The worst […]

Quit chasing the butterflies….

quit chasing butterflies

If you’re trying to catch a butterfly, quit chasing it.  Butterflies get scared and fly away when you approach them too quickly.  Sit down, relax and that butterfly might just land on you. Does that even make sense?  Maybe, maybe not. The struggles with my kids has been ongoing for a long time.  I’ve had […]

Your dog is not a child…..


I have many pet peeves, but one of my biggest is when I talk to someone who has a dog and says it is their baby and compares it to my children.  A dog is not a child.  You can love your dog (or fur baby as many of you like to call them), you […]