Beware of HiLife Furniture in Albuquerque


My parents were in need of a new couch for their living room.  My mom did some online research and found the couch she wanted.  It was an Ashley couch that was available at several different stores locally. On Black Friday, they headed out to find the couch and have a new living room for […]

The Candy Lady has now gone as far as to beg for money


For nearly my entire life, The Candy Lady has been in the Old Town area of Albuquerque.  I’ve always known she was there and I’ve been in there….once.  Yep, once in my entire life.  I know she sells candy and I know she makes pornographic cakes….I also know she makes the rock candy used in […]

What would your kid decide to do? | MyInstead

photo credit: TMAB2003 via photopin cc

  When I was growing up, I had friends whose parents would buy any alcohol we wanted.  We put money together and gave them a list and they would go buy it.  These are the same parents that were out at the bars all night while their house was full of teenagers drinking. I remember […]

Spring time in Albuquerque

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photo credit: OpenThreads via photopin cc Spring is finally here, and it feels like spring here in Albuquerque.  I wish my east coast friends could say the same…I feel so bad seeing them post pictures of snow when I’m walking around in tshirts and chancletas.  My kids are getting ready to head to spring break, […]

Why I network…


Last night I attended the Website Launch Party for the ABQWest Chamber of Commerce.  Yes, I happen to be on the board.  Yes, I happen to be in charge of communications, so the website is kinda my deal.  I went for more reasons than just that.  Networking is important for all businesses. You don’t have […]