Protect your child with the Upright Sleeper


*Disclosure: I received the product mentioned to review and share my thoughts.  All opinions expressed are 100% my own. When I see young children with one of those crazy neck brace pillows (you know the ones in the shape of a “c”) it drives me crazy.  I never used them with my kids.  I’ve never […]

Atlantic Luggage, perfect for travel….


Going to Los Angeles for the Oz The Great and Powerful premier was extremely stressful.  I had so many things I needed to bring, but have a huge phobia of my luggage getting lost.  I had to fit everything into a carry on.  There weren’t any ifs, ands or buts about it.  I had to […]

Beam n’ Read LED 6 Light Deluxe Handsfree Light & giveaway!

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My husband is always looking for a flashlight and always figures out strange ways to hold it to work on different computer projects, the vehicles or whatever.  He has even gone as far as to buy a flashlight that attached to his head.  I laugh when I see him wearing it.  Seriously, who does that?!?! […]

Global Eyeglasses


I have been wearing eye glasses since I was in the 5th grade……and every year or two it’s time for a new pair of glasses.  I had always bought my glasses when I got my eye exams done…and even with my insurance end up paying entirely too much money.  I found places in town that […]

Necklace with a hidden meaning {Review}


So many pieces of jewelry contain a special memory or meaning.  It could be a something special from a loved one or a trip or anything at all.  The piece of jewelry holds a small piece of your heart, and when you look at it, you smile.  I was told about this Hidden Meaning jewelry […]

Say Hello Diamonds {Review}


Diamonds are a girls best friend.  I must admit, I love diamonds.  I don’t own many though, they are just too expensive.  I learned of a company called Say Hello Diamonds that I had to check out.  Their replica look like real diamonds, but don’t cost the price of a real diamond.  That is perfect! […]