Midnight Velvet | Review


When I was headed out to California for the #DisneyOzEvent, I knew I needed some cute clothes to take with me.  We weren’t just walking the red carpet, we were also touring the animation studios and the next day interviewing the cast.  Eek!  That calls for cute shoes! Since it wasn’t quite spring at that […]

Paul Frank makes sunglasses, who knew?!


All year-round it is sunny in New Mexico.  I don’t care if it’s snowing, it is sunny.  If it isn’t sunny right now, wait 5 minutes and the sun will be back.  If you don’t have a good pair of shades, forget it.  You’re eyes will be burning in the sun.  Over the summer, all […]

Personalized makes it better ~ CafePress {and Giveaway}


I love when I can add my own personalized images, pictures, wording or whatever else to items.  It feels special to have a picture of your daughter in her cheer uniform on the bag you carry to her games or a water bottle with your favorite inspirational quote to keep you going at the gym! […]

Super hot prices on cute fashion


I found a new site that made my jaw drop when I saw the prices.  I was given $15 to spend and wasn’t sure I would find anything with that small amount….guess what?  I ordered FOUR pieces for that price!  For real! The shirt above is the Elegant and Fitted Scoop Neck Solid Color Puff […]

Are they slippers or shoes?!

Hey Dude Shoes

I love wearing my wedges, boots and heels when I have places to go, but there are days where I will be home all day and would really just like to have a pair of comfy shoes I can slip into.  This is where the amazing shoes from Hey Dude Shoes comes into play!  I […]

Hot Pink Heels?! Yes, please!


Dress: Bebe Shoes: OASAP Hot pink is one of my favorite colors, like you couldn’t tell by the colors of my blog!  I was searching for the next item(s) I wanted to purchase from OASAP and of course was searching shoes.  I love shoes.  When I found these pink heels, I HAD to have them. […]

Activewear for women, even if you aren’t all that active!


Shirt: Ideology from Macy’s   Pants: Jeggings from Joppa   Necklace: DIY I don’t like dressing like a “mom” but I want to be comfortable.  I work from home, I chase after kids, I clean the house, I need to be comfortable, but I also want to dress in trendy clothes.  You won’t catch me […]