Immunity Increase ~ Skip getting sick!


Over the past few weeks, my entire house has been sick.  My husband had the plague I think.  I made him stay away.  He was stuck on the couch.  Don’t go near the kitchen, stay downstairs and don’t touch anything.  I know the germs were still around, but I tried to keep everyone away as […]

OrganWise Guys


Kids are curious and want to know things.  When it comes to their bodies, kids are very curious when they start to learn how things work and why their body reacts the way it does.  The OrganWise Guys were created in 1992 to teach children about taking care of themselves and help to teach them […]

Water Pik, because brushing alone is not enough #CompleteCare


A healthy smile is so important.  I can’t stress that enough!  Keeping your teeth sparkling clean is the best way to have a smile that no one can forget!  Every time I go to the dentist (or I take the kids to the dentist) we are told about the importance of flossing.  It’s hard to […]

Preparing your daughter for talkable moments…. #kotextween


Talking to your daughter about important topics doesn’t have to be as hard as you think.  Some times just picking the right time to start the talk is all you need.  I always get a sick feeling when I think about having to talk to my daughter about sex and puberty.  I mean, who wants […]

LUSH comes to Albuquerque!!


I’m going to be honest, I hadn’t heard of LUSH before, but after asking around to a lot of my friends found it was incredibly popular.  I got REALLY excited to get a tour of the new shop and find out what Lush is really all about!  In doing some research, I found that their […]

Beach Bag Essentials to keep you looking your best


Summer time is here and we all want to look our best, whether it be on the beach or at the pool!  I wish I lived in an area that had beaches, but New Mexico is far from that!  I will be spending some fun time at the pool this summer though!  It is important […]