Rubbermaid Reveal Spray Mop


We’ve moved into our new home and have quite a bit of tile to keep clean!  Luckily Rubbermaid sent me a Reveal Spray Mop (although I’ve bought several myself) to keep my floors nice and clean!  I hate always having to pull out the big mop and wait for a long time for the floor […]

Personalized makes it better ~ CafePress {and Giveaway}


I love when I can add my own personalized images, pictures, wording or whatever else to items.  It feels special to have a picture of your daughter in her cheer uniform on the bag you carry to her games or a water bottle with your favorite inspirational quote to keep you going at the gym! […]

Beam n’ Read LED 6 Light Deluxe Handsfree Light & giveaway!

photo 2 (1)

My husband is always looking for a flashlight and always figures out strange ways to hold it to work on different computer projects, the vehicles or whatever.  He has even gone as far as to buy a flashlight that attached to his head.  I laugh when I see him wearing it.  Seriously, who does that?!?! […]

Take your kitchen to the next level with Danze


My parents have been talking about remodeling their kitchen for some time, but never got around to it.  I was given the amazing opportunity to review a new faucet from Danze and thought it was the perfect time for them to get motivated and get it done! They were starting with a very basic kitchen: […]

Escape the stress #WorldMarketSweeps


Having the kids home all summer is very nerve-wrecking and stressful…some days I just need to get away.  But how can I?  By creating my own little oasis!  I was given the opportunity to create an oasis in my own yard by visiting World Market and spending $75.  Now, I love looking at World Market, […]

Sensitive skin? Not a problem with Arm & Hammer!

Arm & Hammer

My kids have the most sensitive skin, there is hardly any soaps we can use.  My son gets eczema on his legs so bad he scratches in his sleep and leaves big cuts all over them.  It’s horrid.  I have to be very careful with which detergents I use.    I was asked to try […]

ZeroWater {Review & Giveaway}


Water is so important, especially now that it is getting warmer outside and you can dehydrate so quickly.  In New Mexico it is so easy to get dehydrated due to our extremely dry climate. I hate water. I can’t drink it.  I don’t like that taste..I know it shouldn’t taste like anything, but it does. […]